I Ludo the puppy. But sometimes I called Ludwig van puppy. Usely that when I do something called be noughty, but I don’t know what that be. Sometimes happen when I try eat something yummy. Sometime when I try play with Pepecat too much. I 15 weeks old and am very big now than when I was littler. I jump very really high and nearly onto the sofa, and now I am so big I have to go for walks! Walks is very fun, I gets to sniff lots of smells and see lots of amazing things. Like grasses, and childrens and puppydogs. I also have a more special name. It is Elanmore’s Blue Flash. That comes from my pawents, they are called Thistle and Bumble. So Mummy tells me.

I a puppy, the kind of a shet-land sheep-dog. I don’t know what sheeps is, but I a puppy, not a dog. Dogs are growed up and big, unless they be that littlelittle kind of dog I see sometime. I live in a house with two peopledogs, Mum, who be a girl people dog and likes to gives me cuddles and do training and lives with me in the day and Dad, who be a boydog and who comes home at the aft-er-noon in his car. Dad is a very good player at tug of war, but I still win lots. Sometimes Mum goes out for some times to werk arfter Dad is home and me and Dad go get her in the car. I very good at cars and can now reach my legs all the way up to the looky out bit and see mum coming out the bilding. I donno why I not allowed in that big house but I not and nor is Daddy.

I the only puppy living in this whole house. But there are other growd up dogs of lots of kinds. There are Pepe the cat dog, he sometimes doesn’t like me when I am trying to play with him. 😦 Then there are lots of rabbitdogs. These are like a little kind of growd up dog that don’t smell like dogs really and they like to run around a lot and eat carrits and hay and all-en and pages. So they must be dogs cos I like to eat those things too. Sometimes I think I would really like to run around with the rabbitdogs and play too, but Mummy says I not allowed because they would get scared. I must sit quietly or be put in another room. Here is a piccure of me with some of my rabbitdog friends, we are eating carrits and other yummies.

There are also other nanimals here, like squeaky small things which I barked at so I not allowed to see them nomore. I only was trying to play with them. Mums and Dad’s just don’t not understand puppy stuffs. They only understand growd up dog stuff like they are.


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