These my stuffs

These be my bestest stuffs. This big brown bear, chewy things, my favritist tugger and tiny teddy who comes places with me. Next to brown bear be my bestest most favritist toy… Monster foot. It be the bestest. I gotted it when we went to go see Mummy’s Pawents and their puppydogs. It was Pennydogs, but it too noisy and she didn’t like it, but I loved it. Well, firstly of all I was a bit scared of it, but now it be my most funnest toy.

I had fun at Mummy’s pawents, and slept with a big dog called Cap. It very sad though cos Cap has gone somewhere called ‘rainbow bridge’. I glad I met him before he wented away.

I likes my stuffs. I got lots of other stuffs, some of them are called ‘not yours’ but they is because I likes them. I especially likes some of Mummy’s teddies and shoes and glasses. I thinks it very rude of her not to give them all to me, cos I’s a puppy and need lots of stuffs! I have two stuffs that only stay upstairs. That my kong with food in it and my ginny pig which Mummy and Daddy gaved to me when first they saw me as a teeeeeennnnnyyy puppy.
Here are some piccures of me playing with my monster foot.


One thought on “These my stuffs

  1. wow, Monster Foot looks like a great toy! You have lots of lovely toys, you are so lucky! I am excited about your all about your adventures and telling them to my Mama. x

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