I been on hol-ee-day

Hurro, at this weekend Mummy and Daddy tooked me to Daddy’s pawents. It was really a very exciting time with lots to do. I was a very good boy most of the time and made Mummy and Daddy proud. Because Daddy’s pawents have such a big big garden it was like being on walkies all the time and I didn’t have to go on my leads. I met lots of friends (and some scary stuffs) and be very happy there. I sad we home but be very tired today and am sleepingsleeping all the times.

This be some pictures of their garden.I met some things in the garden that be a bit scary. They called pigs. They make big noises like *noink noink* Not like dogs or puppies at all. At first I would not go near them, nono, but then I be a bit braver and decided I would have a look. So whilst Mummy and Daddy were busy not looking and scratching a pig with a stick, I thought I’d have a sniff… but something bad happened and I got a hurted and nearly had to runned away but Daddy called me back and said it be ok. He said I got a shocked on the fencing! I must remember that pigs be bad and must never go near them again.

I be much too sleepy to write nenemore about my holee-day just now. I be back later to tells you all mores. Bye bye.


3 thoughts on “I been on hol-ee-day

  1. my Ralph said your very lucky. he said when he goes to nannas house in scotland he plays in the room with no roof… they dont let me tho 😦

  2. hahaha, look at them pigs! i never seed pigs before! they have silly noses! they must be bad pigs if they are behind lectric fences. sounds like a piggy prison to me. you must not talk to those piggies again, they are criminals!i’m glad you had fun in the garden, i would binky like mad if i was there!

  3. oh, lectric fences. You are a clever rabbitdog Carlton. I will make sure I stay away from those nasty pigs. Alvin it is very sad you not be allowed in gardens. It lots of fun there.

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