I’s not a sheep dog

These be sheeps. I metted them on my hol-ee-day. I have be-d told that I be a shetland sheepdog kind of puppy. Well when I metted the sheep I thought ‘how silly!’ because I not sheepdog after all! I showd you a piccure to prove it so you can see I nothing like a sheep at all! I’s not got that funny short fur or those strange feet without toes. Can you see them? Their feet are all hard like stones, I not know how they walk at all! And they are much much too big to be like me. I only be little. They do do one thing like rabbitdogs though. They stamp their feet! They be stamp stamping at me cos they wanted me to go away. Mummy says cos these are tame sheep they not scared of me but other sheep might be and I can herd them all up maybe. Isn’t that clever sounding of me. Since Mummy and Daddy are wrong about me being a Sheepdog I have chosen that I now be a Shetland rabbitdog.
I much more like a rabbit after all. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’s not a sheep dog

  1. Hey Ludo, you’re a cutie! I used to have a bunny sibling too. I have seen your face on Carlton Jamal’s blog and decided to check out your blog. Have you heard of http://www.dogster.com? I have a page, sniff it out if you likehttp://www.dogster.com/dogs/91021Maybe when you’re a big doggy like me, your toy mountain will look like mine! Wags, BooBoo (Bunny the artist’s canine sibling)

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