Puppy Tess

I be missing my friend Tess. She be Daddy’s pawents baby puppy, the kind of a labyrador and she bee’d my special friend whilst I was on hol-ee-day. We played lots of fun games, and snuggled up together and now I all lonely. Well, Mummy and Daddy try very hard so I spose I not miss her too bad, but it be nicer if Pepe would like to play with me more. Sometimes he does chase me a bit but sometimes I think he not like me very much at all.
Here I be with Tess.

Mummy tells me that tonight her pawents are coming to visit us and staying for two days. I must be on bestest behaviour and not bark lots, even though I like to! It’s hard being a good puppy. They be bringing Mummy’s old dog who I metted before called Penny. I like Penny. Even though she be very old, (she is 10!) and will probably not want to play I will be trying my hardest to get her to and make her have a happy visit to my home. Otherwise they might steal mummy back and I not want that at all!! Who would do my trainings and looking afters when Daddy be at werk?

I thinks Mummy’s pawents will like me, even though they haven’t seen me since I was a very teeny puppy. I thinks I will finds them some of Pepe’s poo to give to them. Pawents like cat poo like puppies do don’t they? I’s sure they do. I knows they will like me, how could they resist my handsome face. Every peopledog tells me ‘what lovely markings’ and wants to stroke me, which annoys me and Mummy sometimes when we are busy doing important stuffs or when Mummy is in an unhappy mood.We too wented to my training class last night. I likes it there and be’d all excited first of all becaused we got there early and all the times another dog came in I just had to jump around and ‘woof’ at it to try and say hello. I calmed down good and the trainer said I be having much more concen-traitio-tion this week. That because I be very clever puppy of course.

Mummy and Daddy be a bit upset with me though becaused I eated some crisps I found, they gaved me squirty poos and I had to have my bum wiped and I hate it. How I sposed to know I not allowed to eat crisps? It not my fault and Mummy and daddy is being very rude, calling me stinky bum. 😦 I must try not have squirty poos when the Pawents come down though. I hopes they still like me.


6 thoughts on “Puppy Tess

  1. How embawissing having your hoomins wiping your bumbum!!That puppy sounds like great fun to play with and you are a very good boy being good at your puppy classes. You must set an example to all the other pups in your class!We think you have lovely markings to, we would all like to stroke you – although I would groom you obviously! We love reading your blog, it does make us laugh! x

  2. Hiya Ludo! Nice to meet cha & welcome to DWB community! You are such a cute & smart puppy. Enjoyed the video of you wiping your feeties o0n the carpet. Sooo intelligent! Actually, just today my Mommy wanted to teach me to wash my feeties in the water bowl. I managed to get it within 5 minutes. Hehehe! Hope to learn the trick you've just learned someday…Butt wiggles,Solid Gold Dancer

  3. Welcome to the Dogs With Blogs community. You are having a busy life right now with a puppy to play with and the old dog coming to visit. Stay away from those things that gave you the bad bum. LOLLevi’s mom

  4. Hi Ludo,You are adorable! I’m new to DWB and wanted to say hello! I love your blog!Stop by my blog sometime and check it out. I’ve selected you for a new award.KissesAddie

  5. Hi Ludo! What a cute pup you are. I just love merles and you sure stand up to their reputation. I loved looking at your pictures of you playing with your Lab buddy. Very cute!

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