This be a gold thingy

It be very fun looking. Mummy and Daddy have some of these hidden away from me but now I haves my very own. It is called an award but Daddy calls them cards. He is so wrong! I very lucky puppy. I gots it from a new friend I has, called Addie the puppy. A puppy like me! Mum has explanated to me what I has to do. I has to pick 5 friends to give this gold thingy to. Then they are apposed to give it to 5 dogs who they think deserves a special gold thingy award. 4 of the dogs should be visitors of my blog and one a completely new dog I finds on my own. Addie says we should link back too.

My picks to give my gold thingy to go like this…

First is my good rabbitdog friend Carlton Jamal he be a super brave rabbit who I likes a lot.

Next I will give it to Morph he be a growd up dog but he looks lots of fun and his Mummy be’d very nice about me not being a sheepdog.

I will give one to Amber too as it matches her pretty fur. She not see’d my blog for long, but I only had it for a little while and she seem ever so nice and fun.

My number 4 is one Mummy has asked me to give. I will let her as I be a good puppy. She asked me to gived one to a rabbitdog called Magic. Mummy likes Magic’s mummy very much and thinks she may be a bit unhappy and so hopes that my gold thingy will help Magic make her more happy.

I wishes I could give my friend Alvin one too but he not have a blog!

Last one is someone who has not seen my blog and that be Reilly I choosed Reilly because they is a dog that is the kind of a shetland sheepdog too. Reilly looks like how I will look when I a big dog. I hope he sees my blog and sees that we not look like sheeps though and that he should maybe say he is a shetland rabbitdog too.

I be postings more tomorrow about my nice days with Mummy’s pawents.


7 thoughts on “This be a gold thingy

  1. wowwee! a gold thingy!! I’m being spoilt today! How do I get it? Does I have to cut it out of the screen?I feel so vewy special! I does not know any other doggies that I could give it to though! šŸ˜€

  2. Hey Ludo …thanks for visiting my blog. Mom says you look a lot like the little girl puppy she had before me. She was a blue merle and very pretty…..but not as pretty as me!!!! Thank you for the award, that is very nice but I don’t know five other pupsters to give it too. I hope you call by and share some more of your adventures.

  3. Ludo, you sure have a nice blog. We look forward to reading more of your adventures. We didn't see your name on dogs with blogs, and sure hope you consider joining all the blogging doggies.Dog SpeedEssex & Deacon

  4. Hai Ludo! Fankoo for the gold award, mummy is very happy and she also says fankyou! I don’t think I have man friends to give it too hehe, but i’ll try! Magic and Bethxx

  5. Oh Ludo, you’re being too nice! I’m so so so glad to be your friend!!! THANK YOU sooo much for that loverly BFF Gold Visa Card! Hehehe! Hope youn have a wonderful day.Butt wiggles,Solid Gold Dancer

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