Mummy’s pawents have went home. It pretty fun having them here cos Mum and Dad slept downstairs with me. They tooked all the white bits off the sofa and putted them on the floor and made a bed. Aren’t people’s silly, they need a crate like mine! We did some stuffs whilst they were here and I found out they are called Grandpawents. They didn’t steal Mummy back either so I very pleased about that. I made sure I extra good and they called me a nice puppy and laughed at me, which is people for meaning good. Huruff!!

The bestest thingy we did was to go show them a good place called a river. It be a big big puddle like what you get after it rains and there be soo many sniffy things there it be very exciting. First you have to go in the car (which Penny don’t like much so the Grandpawents were saying I really good cos I go sleepies in the car) Here I is in the car, see my nice new collar and lead? Then we drived to the river. Daddy calls it the Crooky Loon and says that be its name. hehe.

It be so funs there. Penny wanted soo much to go in the river. I think she daft as puddles are not good. I always be getting told uh-uh if I try and go in a muddy puddle. Grandad got worried Penny would be pulled away if she wented in the river but she did sneak in once. What a norty dog. There lots of trees and ground to walk over and sniff. At first to get to some of the river there be some steps and silly Daddy picked me up and carried me down them. He soo embarrassing me to other dogs and puppies!

Here be some piccures of the crooky loon. It very pretty to the eyes but much more better for the nose to sniff at things. There be some other good dogs there too, like a growd up Tess who be 6 months old and a little puppy the kind of a beagle.

Me and Penny had good funs explorating and because I had Penny I felt a little bit braver to go away from Mum and Dad and I came back good to my whistle.

After we came back from the river Crooky Loon me and Penny had our dinners. Penny was being a very fussy dog and wouldn’t eat hers cos she thought mine be’d so much better. It really was, it’s true. I eated one of her kibble things and my meat is much tastier. Grandad says he will feed her a bit of raw to mix in and tooked some of my food with him! gr! I not mind sharing though really.

After dinner something horrible happened… all the peoples went upstairs and were doing funny
stuffs. Mummy put on her whirry air thingy and made herself smell awful with that spray stuffs. Me and Penny wented upstairs to watch them, and then they all wented out to dinner and left us alone! That very cheeky of them. I got putted in my crate and Penny stayed in the living room. Mummy says they had Tapas at new restaurant and it was nice but weird. A bit like tripe I guesses. Here we are watching them.

Mummy and Daddy showed the grandpawents some stuff in Morecambe which be where we live. They liked it and Nan got Mummy to take their piccure with the Mr. Morecambe statue. I never seed it but it sure seems weird looking in the piccure. He was being a very funny old man so I be told.

Phew this been a super long post, I very quite tired now.
bye byes.


3 thoughts on “Grand-pawents

  1. WOW look at that river… i want to go swimming there. can i come visit you? hehei gots a blog now ludo.. i didnt want to be the only one without one

  2. What a fun time you had with Penny! did she show you how to be very grown up!Your new collar is very nice, it looks lovely on a handsome pup such as yourself!

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