This my stuff again.

Well I do’s like stuff. This my new bed stuffs. It very cosy. Them silly pawents have been too lazy to take their bed stuffs back upstairs so now it mine. It very snuggly. I keeps getting told ‘offs’ which not fair at all cos they left it here so now it mine cos I wants it. That the way puppy stuffs werks.

It kind of sad day today cos mummy has taked brown bear away from me and says I killed it. I did not! It just he got a hole in his bottom and I pulled all this fluffy stuff out it. Maybe one of his arms comed off too, but I think Molly rabbitdog must have done that, it not be me. I innocent! Molly rabbitdog has been putting fluffs about everywhere lately. He needed a good groom and Mummy did it. Look how much furs she pulled out of him. She very mean.

Mummy and me has also been doing some more trainings. We been doing stuff for my school, like heels and stuffs and Mummy been teaching me how to get my stuffs. Mummy did make a video to show you. It her first time doing a video edit. It not very good quality and Mummy not know why, but people’s aren’t really very clever after all. It very strange for me hearing mummy’s voice from the computer but it not be coming out her mouth. It got me very confused.

That be all for today. Wish me luck in school tonight. lickies.


2 thoughts on “This my stuff again.

  1. Great video,Ludo is so clever…Morph likes the pull the stuff out of his toys too and we have to take them to hospital to get stitched up! Have fun at school!

  2. You are so clever finding tiny teddy, Ludo!! Mama thought about training me with a clicker, I said I would not be trained and to prove it, I went pee pee out of my tray!!

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