Every dog has beed getting presents this week. But not me. 😦 Firstly of all Mum gotted a present from the lady who puts paper in the door. At first I very excited and thought it be for me. Mummy was cruel and let me think it was.

But it was just some silly boxes for Mum and Daddy. They said it be a playstation and Mummy’s new contract phone. Sounds stupid to me. Mummy’s new phone quite good though, it kinda rubbery and has a bobble thing on it just right for holding in mouths. I have gotted it lots of times now and carried it round. She being more clever now though and putting it up high places. 😦

Daddy’s been away getting himself a present too. He goned away to his pawents and I didn’t even get to go to see Tess. 😦 He be getting something called a motor bike that he can ride around on, it be very old and used to be his Daddy’s. Mummy was very silly and made him an extra present of some cakes for going away. She made them like butterfly’s that we saw on our walk. Mummy and Daddy ated some and then Daddy tooked them. I still didn’t get anything. They is neglecting me!

Finally Mummy did feel bad for neglecting me and let me have some milk, but Pepe tooked most of it. It not been a very good couple of days at all. Daddy coming back soon, I hopes he broughted me something nice.

It also been super dooper sad cos monster foot be dead!!! I was playing and playing with him and suddenly he wented pop and all his stuffs came out and his squaky and his noisy, Mummy says she will try and mend him. I hopes she can.

8 thoughts on “presents

  1. awwwww Ludo… your pawents are mean… mum said you can come live here if your feeling neglected and you can have a whole bowl of milk to yourself 🙂

  2. Uh oh, does mummy have to take monster foot to the hospital?Those mouth makes look delicious, Mama does these sometimes too, I think it is rude that they don’t share them with us!

  3. Hi Ludo,Thanks for visiting and also for the compliment:)I like your blog too. About the playstation and the phone – don’t give it a thought. Humans don’t have their priorities sorted out…we have. Give me a hamper of chicken treats any day…I’d appreciate it more than those plastic chunks! Humans need to recruits some good trainer dogs to do their thinking for them (that’s my opinion…you may disagree:))I am happy that you came over. There’ll be a new puzzle sometime today; you can ask your human friends to solve it – good revenge…right?Licks n Wags,Oorvi

  4. i think pearl will love you.. not sure about ralph he takes time to warm to new family members hes an old boy now :)the chippies love to run on dogs so they will love you too.. hope we dont make your mommy cry if you leave her tho.mum said shes keeping her eye on the moby website cus she wants a free present that they dont give away yet.. silly hooman she is.

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