I happy!

Things be better today. On sunny day Daddy came home. and it was sunny too! I always thought it a strange name for that day cos it never sunny most of the times. I gots to play in the garden with some of the rabbit dogs. It lot of fun. Even though my teethsies are hurting me. I gots some big boy teethsies through now. See how my ears has goned all floppy. That cos I teething. Even though my teethsies hurt I been very good boy this weekend and beed very happy.

Thems rabbit dogs sure is funny to watch. I not be allowed to chase them about cos they don’t like to play with me and if I do they all goes inside to their house so I learned to be a good boy and sit quiet and sometimes I able to eat some of their green stuffs they get.

Sometimes when they be running around all excited I thinks they want to play and do bowwow and then Daddy gets very mean and puts me on my leads. I understands though rabbitdogs is very sensitive and not likes noises like I makes. It ok though cos Rocky rabbitdog came and sat with me.
Cos I be good I get let off again, so I wents and gots some green stuffs. It felt nice on my poorly teethsies. Then me and Rocky tried to nick some chocolate off of Mum. She didn’t give us any though. 😦

Mummy and Daddy got me a couple of presents too. Yay! They be very worried I is going to run away to live with Alvin and Pearl in their house. And I was! But I be forgiving them now. I also was a good boy at school but I be very noisy. It fun to bark. Ruff!


7 thoughts on “I happy!

  1. Hey Ludo! Thanks for coming by the blog!Mmm…. those are kinda funny-looking doggies you’re hanging out with. I think I’d like that, though. We have lots of wild bunnies here that I like to stare at – and one of them keeps trying to chase me! Ha rooo!Play bows,Zim

  2. Hi Ludo,Thanks for looking in on our blog. You do look a very handsome Sheltie. My mum thinks I might be crossed with a Sheltie,but only my dogmum and dogdad will ever know properly.You are lucky having nice bunnies to play with, I’d like to play with Oliver my human sisters bunny, but he’s scared of me.Li’l Sal

  3. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you got presents.. i should think so too, let that be a lesson to your mommy and daddy… they couldnt bear you moving out hehehe brilliant…wonder if ill get presents if i say im leaving… pearl says mum would help me pack pffft!

  4. Them’s some super teefs you got there Ludo! You and the first rabbit dog have the same kind of spots on your fur, maybe you are related.You must be keeping quiet when with the rabbitdogs, we hate loud noises! It is not fun for us like it is you, it makes us stamp our feets!Those toys look great! Mama says I have too many toys.. but how many is too many?!

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