Something amazing!

I found treasure! Lots of new my stuffs! Mummy has been trying to say they are hers, but they all so good they can’t be. Shall I tell you what happened? I was sitting in the computer room where mummy was tip-tapping on the keys when Faline came in. She kept on jumping on to the red chair thingy and mum kept telling her ‘no’ and chasing her off. I thoughted there must be something very sniffable up there for her to keep going up. So I wented up with her.

Firstly of all we found the little squeaky Naboo’s food. It yummy. But Mummy tooked it off us.
Then I happened to look up at what Faline was doing and there was so much stuffs!! Ooh, I be nearly quivering with excitement and couldn’t help my little tail wiggling. I been having lots of funs getting all those new mummy stuffs.

I not know why she hid them from me cos I do likes them very much. Perhaps she thought I wouldn’t? They be more of those things called ‘not yours’ but I think they is really.

My favouritist one be a little brown doggy. Trouble is it be one of Mum’s favouritist too. She caught me red pawed with his nose in my mouths. 😦

She did mend him though, so it ok. I think I be in mummy’s bad books today, but i sure she be forgiving me soon. I forgived her for no presents. Mummy showed me this piccure she took and says it be a of me and ‘my victums’ I dunno what that is, but I do likes mummy’s stuffs.

7 thoughts on “Something amazing!

  1. Nice to meet you, Ludo! I found you on DWB and I wanted to stop and say hi! You have nice toys! I love your brown doggie! My little doggie lost his nose and an ear.:(Love and licksThor

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