Every monday I goes to school. I likes it there very much and get all excited when we go up to the door. At first I be super dooper excited and have to say hello to every dog. But then I calms down and be good and Mummy and Daddy do smiles at me. Daddy tooked a couple of piccures of me. Though not many.

This be me doing some waits, while other dogs have to walk around all past us and weave in and out. Daddy says them funny light dots are ghosts. What a silly billy! I got much better eye sight than him and I can’t see no ghosts. Even if I did know what one was I sure I would see it and not daddy.

I has to do lots of other stuffs too, like leaves. That one very hard as mummy makes such yummy treats and it so hard not to eat it. Then I has to do coming back to mummy and Daddy not on my lead and do a finish. We is working very hard on our heel work now and next week we tries to do it with no lead and no treats! I dunno if mummy thinks I will do it but I think I might run off and go say hello to some of the other puppies instead. hehe.

Daddy did tooked a video of me too.

Daddy is very proud and Mummy says he is being smug, because I do learnings very fast. Daddy thinks we is in competition with the other puppies and dogs and Mummy had to tell him off. I thinks I agree with Daddy though. I knows people win presents in competitions and I do likes presents very much. I was 20 weeks old on saturday. Very very big! I did sort of get a present as mummy made me some treats but for some reason she be sad on saturday. I think Daddy made her cry cos he fell off his motorbike and hurted his knee and then said some mean things. 😦 I made her feel all better. People’s sure do cry funny. Not all yowly, but they get puddles leaking out their eyes like when the sky makes puddles.

I had such a busy weekend, trying to make mummy happy, and looking after Daddy’s knee, and going to school that I be very tired today and have been sleeping lots with Pepe.

He good for sleepings with. It what he does most times. He did scratch my nose a bit yesterday. But I forgived him today, because I love Pepe soo much.


8 thoughts on “School

  1. You are one smart puppy, Ludo!The way you pay attention to your mom during training is wonderful!I’m getting better in my training. I love to go to school!KissesAddie

  2. Hi Ludo! I went to school when I was an little puppy. I had classes in obedience and agility. But the school was too far from home and I stopped to go to school. Love and licksThor

  3. We are glad your Daddy is ok, make sure you give him extra cheek licks! You look like you’re doing great at school. I won’t listen to my Mama, I’m Number One Bunny and no-one tells ME what to do! Happy 20 weeks! You really are growing into a big boy.Make sure you Mummy makes lots of videos because we love to watch them!

  4. We received two awards and decided to pass some good will to a very good blogger and outstanding pupster, Ludo van Puppy. Please visit our blog for your awards.Essex & Deacon

  5. Hi Ludo!Ooooh, you DO look very good at school… are a VERY clever Dog-Bunny!!! I don’t have to go to school…..I wonder why? :(You SURE have grown a lot!Loads Of Love,Timmy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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