I back home

Yup, I been away. Mum and me wented to visit my grandpawents. We wented on a train. It the first time I see a train and what it is is a big room, with lots of seats that makes a noise like chuckachuckachucka over and over. It goes from side to side and sometimes it stops and people get on and off. Here I be on the train.

It be very interesting. We was on the train for 2 whole hours and I be a very good puppy. I played with my toy for treats and then wented to sleep and only did 3 barks the whole time. Then we got to grandpawents and stayed for 4 days. Daddy did come up on the 3rd day too so we went home in the car.
Mummy took a video of me on the train.

When I was at grandpawents it was very fun. I got to see Penny again. She still not want to play with me though. When we got there it was nice and sunny, and Mum tooked a piccure of where grandpawents live. This is just 2 minutes walkies away from their house. It be a place called sant-bees. I don’t know what a sant is be doing but it a funny name.

I was going to get to run around down there but that big huge puddle, which is called the sea was too close and there not be any ground to run on. Mum tooked some piccures of grandpawents flowers instead and me and Penny sat outside with her while I was supposed to ‘go wizz’ but it too exciting to do that!

We had to play indoors all the time, and sometimes I got bored and wanted playing with all the time. Grandad be a super good player. I like him lots. Mum been being a big pain, taking lots of videos of me, just for Carlton and his Mummy.

We was going to come back in the morning but mum said ‘oh no!’ because it rained, and then it rained and rained and rained and didn’t stop at all. I not think I mind the rain though, but people’s seem to not like it. Mum said she was determined to get to the beach so right on the last day when Daddy was down we got to go between rainings. I do so like the beach. Penny ran very far! Mummy and Daddy was getting worried when I was jumping down after her but I be ok. I a sturdy shetland rabbit-dog. Dad says I blend in can you see me?

Me and Penny got wet, but it very fun! Mum says Grandad be soft cos he gave me snuggles on his lap when I still a bit wet. I think he about the same softness as any other person. I gots to go now cos I off to school again soon. I does want to say thank you to Essex and Deacon for my lovely awards they gived me. I will have to sort them out next time. lickies.


6 thoughts on “I back home

  1. I do love your videos, Ludo! I hope your hoomin mummy keeps making them even if you don’t like it, because I do!I hope you wiped your feet after being out near the sea.You were very brave on the train, I don’t think I would be, the stress would make my poops small for a whole week!

  2. Ralph whined when he saw the sea, he said he luvs it so.. dont get to see it much innercity hahai think he might hitch a lift wiv you next time you go visiting.. silly doggy..lol

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