owwiieeee :(

My poor teethsies! They is really making me unhappy. Yesterday one of my near the back teeths came out and bleeded. It sure did taste funny. Daddy had got it out my mouth and Mummy was going to keep it, but today she accidentaly knocked it off the table and hoovered it up. Can you see where it comed out from?

I not even want to eat my breakfast this morning and just snuggled in the people bed with Mummy and did lots of lickings on her hands. I felt a bit better by the time we got up and had my food then soaked in some water. I eating normal dog food at the moment because my food was supposed to come wednesday but it didn’t. Mum was very cross.

I felt better enough after breakfast to be helping Mum do the cleaning. Yesterday she did something called weeding, she pulled up some of the things that grow in the garden that not supposed to be there. Well, silly Mum left them out in the garden in a little pile, so while she was hoovering one room I putted some of them inside for her. Aren’t I a good boy? Mummy didn’t say thank you though, just gave me a funny look, shooked her head and then swept it up. Maybe it a new way of saying thank you? I be sure to do it again soon to see.

Yesterday was another double sunnyday, it sunny day and it sunny. Daddy was not at stinky work so we wented to town and lots of people gave me strokings. Mum and Dad was a little bit cross with each other because Daddy has a cold but wouldn’t let Mum give him some medicine. I think that so silly cos who wants to feel poorly? Then we wented to the village and Mum and Dad had drinks and cake and the nice owner lady gived me a chew.

I guess it not been a too bad couple of days, I hopes my teeths hurry up and come through. 😦
p.s. Anyone seen my friend Carlton?


8 thoughts on “owwiieeee :(

  1. OUCH!! I hated when my puppy teeth fell out. It hurt sooo very much! Mine fell out a few at a time… I tried to get it done quick. My favorite thing to do when my teeth hurt was to chew on ice cubes and frozen washcloths! Those helped a lot. I hope you feel better soon!KissesAddie

  2. Woof LudoSorry you’re having such a hard time with your puppy teeth. Try chewing on the coffee table to help ease the pain. A dining room table with matching chairs should do the trick. Hang in there.Desert Pups

  3. A dog with a double sunny day deserves to be nominated for a Gold Paw Award! for blogging excellence. The best part is you don’t have to send it to anyone else!!!!! How cool is that.To add the award to the page, simply go to ‘customise’ the ‘add a gadget’ and then choose picture. Then where you see ‘image’ click on ‘from the web’ and add this code inhttp://i311.photobucket.com/albums/kk473/bretjini/photos/goldpaw.gifMake sure you “untick” the ‘shrink to fit’ otherwise your paw won’t sparkle!!!

  4. Ooo the Mum here has old teeths from when Levi and Lucy were puppies! And Greta too (though she went to guide dog school and I never met her).I hope your teeth don’t hurt too much, eating is good!

  5. Awww poor Ludo, hope your teeth have stopped hurting now! We think you should try helping your mum with the weeding next time, I’m sure she would love you for it! 😉

  6. Hello Ludo! We’re sheep doggies too and our names are Josh and Jess. We are 10 months old and we had the big owwwiees a few months ago… teething sucks!!. We would like to be friends with you. Come and visit us sometime if you like. Hugs and tailwagsJosh and Jess from New Zealand

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