Blog friends

I loves all my blog friends and have some pawesome awards from them. Mummy has been doing sad faces so she hasn’t been helping me on the computer. I can’t reach it without her! So I very sorry it taken me a while to sort out my awards.

Firstly of all I got two super awards from Essex and Deacon at Key west collies. Mummy lived in a place called Essex when she was just a little pup so thinks Essex has a really good name. 😀

Then I got this very pretty one from my great new pals, the Dessert pups.

They sure look like they have fun over there. I like Desserts, or puddings as we call it, but mum says it not that kind, it mean sandy. We have some of those here too but we calls them beaches. Mum say I don’t understand. What she on about?

I has a bit of a confusion though, cos most of my friends has all these awards, cos they so super good. So I not be able to find 7 all different people to send them to. 😦 But I still be wanting to say a special thank you to them all.

Essex and Deacon been super nice to me and gived me this super sparkly award too!
I gonna add them all at the side of my blog to show them off. I sad that I not able to pass them on to people and follow the rules. My blog friends is so nice to me to be giving me awards and has made me and Mummy feel very welcome in the blogging furmunity. Because Mum is raising me to be a polite pup I wanted something to give back to them. So I makes Mum make me an award to give to my friends. Here it is.

There is not really any rules for this award, but if they want to give it to someone else they can.
I be giving it to some dogs who been extra special nice to me since I started blogging.
Firstly I gives it to Addie
I loves reading Addie’s blog and watching her videos. There she be playing with her bumble ball.

Of course next is Key west Collies. They been super friendly to me, even though I not be a big collie like them, I just a little Shetland rabbit-dog, which mum says is like a collie.

And I be giving one to Dessert pups. Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby has been real nice and friendly to me and very nice about my poor teethsies.

I is also giving one to Simba, he comes to my blog to see how I is lots and that very kind of him cos he seems so busy.

Last person for now is for Morph, or Morphs Mum. I not think Morph writes his blog hisself, he must have a very well trained Mummy to do it for him. He seems like he has a very nice Mum.

Thanks to everyone for their nice tips on my teethsies. I had a little chew on mum’s rocking chair and some really hard cold water, that fun to let it melt in the house. That made me feel better anyway and I been my old self again.



9 thoughts on “Blog friends

  1. Woof LudoCongratulations on your awards. You deserve each one of them. And thanks for thinking of us, that was very sweet of you. We really like the award your Mom made. It’s very nice and we appreciate you passing in on to us. Don’t worry about nominating other blogs. Some pups just don’t have the time to do it so don’t stress over it. Anyway, hope your teeth are doing better. Take careDesert Pups

  2. Hi Ludo! Congratulations on all the nice awards! It’s so wonderful to have friends!We’ve be honored if you’d link to us – and we’ll add you to our cool pals list, too – if that’s OK!Happy weekend!Love,Ammy

  3. Congrats on all of our beautiful awards! A sweet puppy like you sure does deserve them.Thank you so very much for the very cool award! Your mom did a great job! I would be proud to display it on my page!Can you ask your mom how she made her golden paw all glittery on your blog? I tried but we can’t get it to shine.Thank you!KissesAddie

  4. Thanks for the award Ludo! Morph says he doesn’t like to fiddle around with the keyboard so he gets me to do it all for him – the cheek!We are glad the rocking chair seems to be helping your teethies!xx

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