The rabbit-dogs have mind control

It true! I wents outside in the garden like normal and goes to say hello to the rabbit dogs and they all be sitting in a line staring at Mummy.

I think they wanted yummy things. I thinks, that wont work, if I stare at Mum when she eating
she tells me to go away and if I not do it I has to go in my crate.

Nex things I know I go inside to the kitchen and Mum is in there chopping up some yummy things. Carrits and green stuffs and some new stuffs she calls melon, she put some hay grasses in there too. I thinked to myself that she must be making it for her, cos she would never be nicer to the other rabbit-dogs than she is to me, would she?


She would!! I thinks I must never trust peoples again. She did give me some carrit though. I thinks them rabbit-dogs have special powers to make people’s do what ever they wants. I is gonna practice their mind control very hard and sit and stare at mummy and will her to give me stuff all the times.

There be something else not fair today too. Rocky wented inside the house! It made me very cross. Mummy had to go and get him out. Cos I has to be on my lead when the rabbit-dogs is out in the garden so he should has to be on a lead when he goes inside. It made Faline very cross too when she come down stairs later and smelled that he was there. Me and Molly and Faline is inside rabbit-dogs who sometime go outside, but the other rabbit-dogs is outside ones and they should stay in the garden. Rabbitdogs call it the room with no ceiling, that what Carlton and Alvin tells me.

Here’s some more piccures of the rabbitdogs for you. I much bigger than them now, I the biggest rabbit I ever seed.


10 thoughts on “The rabbit-dogs have mind control

  1. Us rabbitdogs do have special mind powers, I will do teachings of you one day Ludo, I does promise!You really have grown so very big Ludo, I have never seen a rabbitdog so big! You are very handsome!

  2. Ludo,Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don’t know if those rabbit dogs came be trusted. They do seem to have some sort of powers. I think you need to keep both eyes open and ears up. There could be evil afoot.

  3. You are growing fast there Ludo…..and YES, you will have to practice the “please mom” stare. I have got it so perfected that it even works on the dad (well sometimes!!!)ReillyPresident for the anti word verification unit

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