half a year old

It my half-birthday today. Mum singed me a song which goes like this: Happy half-birthday to you, happy half birthday to you, happy half birthday to Ludo, happy half birthday to youuuuuu.

It a very boring song. I gots a new squaky ball to play chase with in the outside, that be fun. There not much else to a half birthday. I not any bigger than I was yesterday. Maybe I a bit louder and more fluffy though. Mum says my hair is growing everyday.

Mum has stolen one of my teeths again. That tooths belongs in my belly where all the other teeths went. Now I have big strong teeths I gonna steal my tooth back that mummy has tooked and crunch it all up I think.

I got some piccures to show you but mum can’t find her thingy that connects to her camera.

Yay! Mum tooked some piccures of me with Nan’s camera, they not too good though, they don’t show how handsome I really is. Here I be at half a year old.


7 thoughts on “half a year old

  1. you is turning into one beautiful dog. My mom thinks you are just sooo pretty (not as pretty as me of coarse) but still pretty, in fact the mom had a furbaby just like you before she got me.

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