Busy week

I been a really busy boy this week. Me and Mummy been doing lots of stuffs to take our minds of Daddy and not living at home. Mummy been annoyed we got to try and find a new school to go to cos we liked our old one very much. Grandad tooked us to look at one today that we think we like so we will try there. Only thing is it not be starting till January. I not know if I’ll even remember school by then! I tries to tell Mummy she must not be doing sad and angry faces at Daddy anymore, cos it not so bad here really, I likes having Grandpawents around to play with my when Mum doesn’t want to and I gets to live with Penny too. Mummy says thank you to everydog and their human who been saying nice things to us, we gonna try and be catching up on blogs this week.

We been to the beach lots.

I be really good at the beach, better than Penny who seed some little birds and chased them all over them rocks. I wented to follow her but Mummy whistled me and I came back like a good puppy. Mummy also so proud cos I been doing weewees out on walks instead of waiting till we get back to do them in the garden. I not know what the big deal is but whatever makes people happy I guesses.

I also been learning some new tricks in trainings. Like this one for Ruffdogs. It be a bow. I can do lots more things than Penny. I a clever puppy that why and she just a silly girl. She not even want to play with me. Even though I try my bestest. Mum says Penny is too old to want to play with Puppies. She be 11. That not really old cos Mum is 23 and she want to play lots. So I think that a silly reason and Penny be just mean.

I did get to do playings though! We had a friend dog called Sally come visit with us at the weekend. She has a hurty paw, so Mummy putted it in a bandage. She still play bitey face with me. I winned a lot! Sometimes I not want to stop playing when Sally had ‘had enough’ and had to go in time out. Time out be so sad and make me cry, but I have to not cry and then I get to come back… Sally is such a tattle tail. If I is being told off by Mum she come tell me off too. Mum says she think she is the police. Sally be a border collie dog, but she is a little one and was going to be put to sleep but was rescued. Someone chopped off her tail when she was little. Isn’t that sad? I would not like to sleep all the times. I gots too much playing to do. This be Sally.

Sally also has something called an allergic. She not allowed to eat stuffs with wheat in it. So mum made us some special treats. They sure were yum. She made us all do waits and leaves for them. I was the bestest at it!

Mum be saying something about I getting too cocky now I 6 months old. I not know what she means. I not be able to help it if i just the bestest can I?

Sally gone now anyway, so I gots no one to play bitey face with and win over them. Maybe one day Penny will be wanting to play with me. I is missing Pepe cat and the rabbitdogs lots and lots. But they not play with me either, so I guess it just the same. We getting 2 of the rabbitdogs back soon. Mummy is very excited to see them again. Well, I so very sleepy now. Night night.


8 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. Your bows look so very regal, I might try and learn to do that. I am sending some bunny kisses in a box to your mummy to help her stop doing sad faces. Give her a big face lick from us too! xxx

  2. We love the photo of you with the all the stones at the beach. Dad said it reminded him of trying to find Waldo, because your stones and your blue merle colouring kind of just fit so well together

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