Mummy says bleurgh

Sometimes I not be understanding people-dogs at all. Now we live at grandpawents I sleep in Mum’s room in my bed (well, usually on Mum’s people bed) instead of in my crate. I likes it very much cos I can jump up and get snuggles from mum. She started being really mean though and last night made me keep getting in my bed when I gotted out of it till I felled asleep.

Every morning I still wake up at the time Daddy used to go to stinky werk. I go make little barkings at the door until Mum gets up and lets me out for ‘go whizz’ and breakfast. But Mummy trying to make me sleep a bit later so sometime she say ‘no, go back to bed’ So I do for a few minutes. Then I jumps up on Mum for snuggles.

I push my nose right under her neck and she turns over, then i do sniffings in her ears and lick them. She says ‘Bleurg! Horrible!’ But it nice. It a nice thing if someone does lickings of your ears, it just like if Mummy does strokings of me. Silly people’s just don’t understand. I think I will do it lots and lots cos it seems to make Mummy get up quickly even if she does say bleurgh, so she really must like it after all.

Does Bleurgh mean good puppy?


7 thoughts on “Mummy says bleurgh

  1. Bleurgh means your mummy loves you but wishes you would sleep in a bit later…but keep giving her lots of bleurgh because she needs your love at the moment!!

  2. Dad never uses bleurgh, so we are not sure what it means. We made sure that Dad went for early morning walks during his vacation. He just walked us, then went back to bed.PS Tell your Mom, to keep her chin up, we are sure things will work out for her.Essex & Deacon

  3. The Ma says ‘EEEK’ when I try to help her with her fleas and ticks by licking her ears…not sure what that means but maybe I should be doing it more? Glad that you like it at your grandpawents…we’ll keep our paws crossed for the two of you!Hugs Josh and Jessie from New Zealand

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