Rabbit dogs are back!

Yup! Well, I be very glad to have the rabbit-dogs back here living with us. Me and Mum missed them lots, and I can’t be a very good shetland rabbit dog without any rabbits here can I? So we has Molly and Faline back. Daddy brought them to us a couple days ago. I got so excited to see him I couldn’t even keep still and was giving lots of hugs and kisses. I cried and cried when he drived away in the morning. But then I sawed that the Molly and Faline were still here so that tooked my mind off it. They living outside in a little house.

There is a bit of a problem though. They is already be stealing some of Mummy and I should really have her all to myself. Faline been trying to steal my foods and they both been getting cuddles. Still it is good to go outside and say hello to them.


5 thoughts on “Rabbit dogs are back!

  1. hooray for the rabbit dogs! You must learn to share your mummy, Ludo, everyone needs equal amounts of loves and cuddles. Big growed up rabbit dogs are so very good at sharing!

  2. You missed them?! I don’t get it? I’d be glad to see the back of the evil rabbits that live here. But if you like them,I’m glad you have them with you.Simba x

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