I think it very wrong that Mum gets to sleep in the people bed and not me. Since I beed at Grandpawents and don’t have a crate no more Mum’s room is like a big crate for me. I not know why I has to still sleep in my bed. I mush prefer to sleep on Mum’s feet. But she keep pushing me into my bed. I has to think of a way to stay on the people bed!

It not fair cos I can’t keep awake for long and I just can’t help falling asleep in my own bed. Everynight I thinks to myself I will wait till Mummy falls asleep and jump back up, but I just too tired.

I has also stopped making Mummy say ‘bleurgh!’ in the morning. I been really good and not been waking up till 7am, a whole hour later than I was. This morning I couldn’t help waking up at 5 though. I really really needed a wee. I tried to bark a bit but Mummy told me to go back to sleep. I just couldn’t hold it and had to go whizz on the carpet. 😦 Mummy has learnt her lesson now though and will make extra sure I does a wee before I go to bed. That’ll teach her for kicking me off the people bed with her. 😀


8 thoughts on “Sleeping

  1. We don't get to sleep on the bed either, so don't feel bad Ludo. Sounds like Mummy needs to learned the I need to wake you up for a good reason leason. We never had to teach Dad that one.How are the rabbit dogs doing?Essex & Deacon

  2. Not sleeping in my mom’s bed is not too bad 🙂 Really! My hoomans don’t even let me cross an invisible line and go into their bedroom. Off limits! :p

  3. Ah Ludo, we never gets to sleep on hooman beds either. Naughty mummy and daddy eh. We once sleeped on their bed when we was on a holibob and we kept them awake all nite pinching the cover and wriggling…they say never again. :(Our mummy has learned the wee wee lesson a few times with Sophie xxkn

  4. I get to sleep on the bed when my dad is away (he takes up too much room when he is home) but most the time I prefer the cold slate floor and usually jump down off the bed after an hour or so and head to my spot by the front door. I just get sooooooo hot in my winter coat. That is one big bed you have, but you look so cute and cozy in it

  5. You do look comfy in your own bed Ludo. We have our own beds but we do get up on the humans bed most nights. They shuffle about too much though and so we sometimes jump off again. Then back on… BOLHolly & Zac

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