Mum likes to learn tricks with me and show off how clever I be. I think it fun to, it like doing playings. We is learning to do a trick called crawl at the moment. I not like it too much though, it very distracting learning tricks at grandpawents as there so much going on all the time that I want to see what it be.

Mum has signed us up for a site called Dog trick academy. She thinks it gonne be very good for trick learnings and there be a talky place you can get help at too.

We had Sally come to stay again too. I does love Sally. Sally peopledogs think we is very like each other.

Mum also made cakes. She still not got the hang of giving me one. But she do let me do lickings on the bit that the cake sits in. Till one time I tooked it and eated the whole thing. She said it only paper so it ok, but it sure did taste yum!

We is going to be going to an agility class on sunny day. I hope that gonna be fun. I know some of my friends do it. I not gonna be doing any of the big dog stuff but I gonna go see what it all about.


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