I has had a busy-fun day today. Me and Mum wented to the beach to play on the sand. It was very cold and Mum was saying ‘brr!’ Sometimes. There not be any dog there that wanted to play with me either. It was like we had the whole thing for ourselves. There was lots of paws in the sand for me to sniff though.

Silly mum not understand what beaches is for. She thought we would do training while we were at the beach. That very silly of her. But I did it so she wouldn’t be all grumbly. It very scary to doing sitting still trainings at the beach cos what if I get left behind or not be able to find mum.

I gots a good treat for doing wait over the bridge, cos normally I make sure my nose is touching closely close on mum’s legs as she walks cos I a bit scared of the bridge.

It be very really muddy on the other side of the bridge, so Mum wented over the fence instead of the bit she sposed to use.

Then I did not know what to do! Mum was walking away and I couldn’t go with her. I thoughted I was in prison and I barked and barked till she came back. She tried to tell me to go through the muddy bit but I would not! I a clean puppy after all.

So Mum had to climb back over and pick me up and carry me over the fence. I not get my paws muddy at all! I not like the mud.


13 thoughts on “busy-fun

  1. That sounds like wonderful adventure. Your were a brave We still think were very brave crossing that bridge and very smart for not getting muddy paws.We still think you should visit Oorvie and get a code for the our clock. It does look so much like you.Dog Speed,Essex & Deacon

  2. That bridge will get you ready for agility – looks almost like a dogwalk! You are very brave for waiting all by yourself on the other side.

  3. Oooh! That’s a nice beach you got there Ludo. You’re right… maybe we don’t live to far apart after all. Maybe the Mum and the Ma are wrong about living on the other side of the world? Humans can be stupid sometimes!!!Josh and Jess

  4. You are such a brave boy waiting to come over the bridge even though it makes you feel scared, you really are growing up big big big! Mama still loves your furry mane, she wishes she could make me one!

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