About people-dogs

I is going to share some stuff I have learned about people dogs with you today. I do loves people-dogs, they is very fun and good but they do has their downsides. Firstly of all, they is very selfish. I has notice this a lot. Whenever they has some kind of yummy food they most often do not give it to us other kind of dogs, the rabbit dogs know this too. I’m sure all you other shetland rabbit-dogs and other kinds of puppy-dog have found it out too. I’m sure if mum wanted some of my meat and bones I would be happy to be sharing it.

They is also confusing. Sometimes they gives us some and sometimes not. Mum made her self a ‘crisp mas’ drink. That funny word I been hearing lots again. While I was sitting patiently waiting to see if she would be dropping any for my to snuffle up I got a big suprise cos she let me have some of the cream! See, you never know where you are with these people dogs. Molly and Faline didn’t get any though, so I must be the specialist pet more than them. All they get is hay and pellets and yummy carrits and green stuffs.

People dogs also like pretty stuffs. We been to the beach lots in the afternoons. Cos mum thinks the sun be very pretty when it goes down. I do runnings around with mum. Yesterday I ranned right through a big puddle and got all covered in water. 😦

They is also very easy to wrap around my little paw. hehe. I has a new trick where if no one is paying me attention and playing with me I go to the door and bark to go out. They has to get up incase I needs a wee, but sometimes I don’t and when they get up they looks at me and talks to me. ruff! I also winned about the bed thing, it been cold at night, and so I warm mum’s feet up on the people bed. All this thinking sure is making my brain hurt.

Mum has just reminded me I gots an award! It from my new buddy, Ludo. Yup, another Ludo! Thanks Ludo. I would like to give this award to Josh and Jessie. I love their blog and they has the same kind of adventurings that I like to do.

I been thinking a lot about this crisp mas thing and wondering what it could be. Mum says it is a secret thing, but I has to be a good pup, otherwise Santa paws wont come. What do it all mean? I not worried about Santa paws, I always a good pup. But does I want Santa paws to come?

I do wish someone would tell me.


10 thoughts on “About people-dogs

  1. We wonder if crisp mas is the same as Essexmas? As for eating people dogs food be very very careful Ludo. Many many Dog Moons agoe, Dog Dad was eating salsa and chips. He likes the salsa that makes your nose dribble. Well, Essex managed to sneak one of the chips with salsa on it. Her mouth was on fire, smoke was coming out of her ears and she dashed for the water bowl. I think she drank all the water out her bowl and then a second bowl too. Yep, those people dogs like some mighty strange foods.Essex & Deacon

  2. Daddy keeps talking about crisp-mas, I just about remember the last one, it was when I came home to Mama! I was only a tiny baby then.I does believe the hoomins should share all their yummies with us, especially that chocolatey stuff. I does not know why I am never allowed to taste that. *thump*

  3. Oh little Ludo – you will like Chrisp ….mas as there will be some yummy treat for you wrapped in paper that you will have soooo much fun tearing off. Hooomans are funny though, my mom often shares with me…..but not the dad….he is a greedy hooman

  4. Yes, Ludo it is best to be careful what we wish for. Dad did laugh when Essex did that. She was just so funny to watch.Here is something for you to think about. Instead of calling the clock a "Collie Clock" how about Ludo Time. We thank that has quite a nice ring to it.Take care of those bunny-dogs.Essex & Deacon

  5. We’d have to agree with you Ludo – these people dogs are totally unpredictable. You never know what they’re up to… and we know all about their selfishness… our Ma never shares the people food with us either :(Thank you so much for giving us an award. We’ve displayed it on our blog. You’re a cool dog to hang out with Ludo!!!Love, Josh and Jess

  6. Hi Ludo, that’s an interesting beach you went to. No sand, all peddles. Hope you didn’t hurt your paws :)Crisp-mas! Can’t wait!!

  7. I’ve only experienced one “crisp mas” but it was so much fun! I can’t wait for this year’s. Mom thinks your mom’s special drink looks so yummy! But I doubt if I would be lucky enough to get any of the cream!

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