Penny is a hoppalong

Penny has beed very, very bad! Does you remember when I met them sheeps, what are not like me? Well we met some more. We was out on a walk when Penny spied a field with sheeps on the other side of a fence. She squeezed through the fence and was chasing the sheeps all around! I barked and barked at her to come back. Then it were a very scary time cos Mum runned away and left me with Nan and I thought Mum would leave me. I tried very hard to get to her and then Nan let go of my lead. I ran back to mum quick quick!

Penny did come back after a while and I bitted her ear! She has a poorly and was all covered in stinky mud. Bleurgh! She had to go straight in the bath when we got back to grandpawents and wash all the mud off. Then she got dried with a thingy what is called a blow drier. Mummy says I must get used to it. I think it a fun game.

Don’t point that thing at me mum! (My ears are both stickyuppy like they sposed to be now)

Penny has been hopping and has a hurty leg since she chased the sheep so today she had to go to the vets place, and I went too. I likes it in the vets there is people to stroke me and other dogs to sniff. Penny does not like it at all, she is such a baby.

I keeps getting told off now, cos I has to be nice to Penny. She has pulled a liggymathingy in her knee and will take a couple of weeks to get better. So I has no one to play with. 😦

~Lickies, Ludo.


12 thoughts on “Penny is a hoppalong

  1. O… I hope Penny’s fine, on the bright side, maybe she had a really chasing-good time going after the sheep. Well, we’re dogs with instincts after all.Cheers,Latte

  2. Oh, hope Penny will be feeling better soon. That was very naughty though chasing those sheep. You know, we’ve never seen sheep in our lives!!! We’ll have to talk to Ma and tell her to take us to a place where there are some. 🙂

  3. Aw Ludo, so sad that you don’t have a playmate for right now. But if you’re extra nice to Penney I’m sure she’ll get better as fast as she can and soon you two will be running around again!

  4. Hi Ludo! My name is Kylie and I was checking out my friend Addie’s page and your picture caught my eye! Mommy always tells me about a sheltie she had when she was growing up. You are very handsome and I hope your friend Penny feels better soon!Feel free to come by and sniff around my blog some time!Licks,Kylie

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