Crisp mas countdown

Someday it is going to be that crisp mas thing, I was a bit confusooled by it all and I still is a bit. But it seems to be a good thing so far. Look what we has been doing everyday.
Me, mum and Penny each has an advent calendar. Which is for counting the days to crispmas when santa paws will visit. I don’t know santa paws, but I do like crisp mas treats. It is a lot of days away though. I can only count up to three and we is already past that… Will it ever come?

Mum has beed getting all into the crisp mas spirit. She call it festive. She got me and Penny and Molly and Faline to pose for piccures for crisp mas. I will shows you them another day. She has also been busy making sigynatoors on Rabbits united cos she says she founded her piccure programme on a disk and it made her happy. Here be one of Molly and Faline.
So I think I will like this crisp mas thing. Thanks to my friends for telling me it be good!
pee ess. Please wish Josh (from josh and Jessie) a speedy get well. He is poorly sick at the moment.
~lickies, Ludo


6 thoughts on “Crisp mas countdown

  1. Oooh, thank you Ludo, you’re so kind!!!Hey, you have an advent calendar? Our Ma wasn’t sure about the people chocolate in them… are you allowed to have them? Or has your Mum replaced it with doggie treats?

  2. That sure looks like a deee-licous treat Ludo. We are sure you are a good pup. We hope your mum enjoys this time of year. Dad never puts anything up at home but bakes plenty of goodies. He puts a small tree with dog angel ornaments up at work and hangs up Essexmas Cards at home. Being so far from family and friends weighs on Dad during this time of year, but he loves talking to them on the phone and giving neighbors essexmas cookies. Essex & Deacon

  3. That looks like so much fun to have your treats calendar…’s a good thing your mom put it up high out of your reach….you wouldn’t want to be ‘naughty’ and open all the days at once.

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