Crisp mas is fun

More crisp mass y stuff to report today. Yesterday the people-dogs got out lots of shiney funny stuff and a ‘tree’ thingy. They calls it a tree but it not a tree really. It just pretend. It sure was fun and exciting. I kept stealing the decormakons. I chewed some of them up! One of them they fixed and put back on cos they have had it since afore my Mum was borned. Can you guess which one?

See that present at the front, that is for me! It says Ludo on it. I thinks one present is not enough for a puppy. But Mum says Santa paws will bring me some more on Crisp mas day. She has also beed throwing away some of my most favourite toys that has got broken. *whines*

Does you remember this piccure from when I first did my blog? Out of all my bestest stuffs on there I only has tiny teddy left. Mum has beed trying to find me another monster foot but cannot find one anywheres.

‘Member I says about how mum got us to make some festive piccures? Well here be a couple of them.

Mum has also putted my piccure in to Johann the dog’s Howliday Giveaway. We is very late to enter and so we does not think we will get many votes but if you like my piccure, please go vote for me by clicking the button. Or vote for one of the other dogs, we not mind.

Does you all think Johann looks like my friend Sally? I does.

Something very exciting happened too! I got a parcel from the letter man! All for me. Aren’t I very lucky. It is from the Ruffdogs Secret Santa I wanted to open it right then, but I not allowed till crisp mas day. *cries*

Because Mum loves crisp mas stuff so much she not be sad about Daddy anymore. She has beed having too much fun being crisp massy. Haruff!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess. A couple of yous asked about the chocolate in my advent calendar, so mum says to let you all know it is a calendar made just for doggies and so has doggy chocolate in it. It still scrummylicious though!

pee pee ess: Mum thought she would be ‘clever’ and make my blog festive. She messed it right up and lost all my links. She has kind of fixed it but is now fed-ed up. I did try and tell her that people should not mess with dog stuff. Please let me know if you’s has problems reading or seeing stuffs.


13 thoughts on “Crisp mas is fun

  1. Your tree looks pretty Ludo. And I am sure that you will get lots of presents and delicious treats in your stocking.Your friend,Niamh

  2. Hi Ludo,Thanks for sharing the photos, really gets us into the Crisp-mas mood đŸ™‚ Cute pic of you with the reindeer hat, BOL…

  3. Ludo, I voted for you! Good luck, I sure hope you win! And I hope you didn’t pee on the pretend tree! BOLGood luck waiting til Christmas to open that package, it looks awfully big! You might need to sneak a peak when no one is looking!Licks,Kylie

  4. It is hard to wait until crisp mas to open your presents, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait! Hope you get lots of new toys and treats under the tree.

  5. Hi LudoThanks for visiting me.You are one beautiful dog, with very nice markings. I’m partial to dogs who have long snouts like me.I love your tree. Mom did a very good job decorating it.Please come visit me agian.Love Ruby

  6. Are you going to be able to leave that present alone Ludo?, hehe we would be sneaky and open it.. lolWe thought it was doggie chocolate when we asked. We haven't got one but we know you can get them.umm, Atually so why haven't we got one too? BOL Cute photo's of you all. :-)Your pals,Holly & Zac

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