Busy baking

Me and Mum had a busy busy day yesterday. She still feeling poorly, silly people-dog that she is, but she been helping me do present makings.

Essex and Deacon’s Dog Dad kindly told us where we could get some collie cookie cutters from, so as a special crisp mas suprise mum got some and made me some cheddar oaty cookies. 😀

There are some me’s, some Penny’s and some other shapes, like bones and crisp mas leafs what are called ‘holly’. Holly means that you are good and kind and believe in God I thinks. But it also spikey.

Yum yum!

it tooked me a long time to eat mine, it was soo yummery and I licked the ground to get all the crummies. I is really glad Essex and Deacon’s Dad gived us the site to look at. Cos I is eating a cookie of me does that make I a cannonball?

Mum also made us our own crisp mas tree decorations, that we can eat! There is a different crisp mas tree up now since that piccure, them people’s are fussy and didn’t want this one anymore.

I made some cookies to give to my doggy friends and neighbours too.

One of the neighbours liked it so much that she has asked my Mummy if she will make some more. She has 3 little doggies of her friends coming to stay for crisp mas and wants them to have these as presents. BOL! Mummy could go into business, the lady is insisting to give mummy some monies, so I will get more treats. Mummy says you cannot get much with the little bit of money she will charge but I think she is telling fibs. Huruff!

~lickies, Ludo

13 thoughts on “Busy baking

  1. Good effort Ludo, those cookies look delicious. Your neighbours must be glad to have a boy like you living in the neighbourhood, baking for them and protecting them 🙂

  2. Yummy! Oreo and Misty are drooling over your cookies. It is nice of you to share them with your doggie neighbors.I think santa will think you are an extra good dog for doing something like that.

  3. Hi LudoThose treats look really yummy. I loves cheese.I’m sorry your mom is not feeling well. I hope it passes soon. Give her a hug from me.Love Ruby

  4. MMM that looks like our Kitchen when Mommy is baking! (See Beds & Biscuits!) I'm the CEO! Chief Eating Officer! Woof, yum yum. You mommys look really good too!Licks,Kylie

  5. We are so glad you enjoy the cookies. Having them shaped like a sheltie/collie, great dane, etc make them pawtastic. We are glad to be of assistance. Dog Speed,Essex & Deacon

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