I done something bad

I done something really terrible. I not know what it is yet but it must have been really bad cos I got a most horrible and yucky punishment for it. 😦

It was something called – A bath.

I seen my other dog friends having these bath things and not really understoon what it all about. It where you get dropped in a huge puddle in the human room where they tell you ‘get out’ if you follow them in. Then water is poured all over you and there is horrible washing and you can’t get out and you think you will drowned! I tried to do lickings to mummy to tell her I was sorry but she still made me have a bath.

I should not really post these piccures cos it a bit humiliating to be letting people see me like that. After wards I got dried and then ran around doing lots of zoomies! Mean mummy laughed at me. Yup, she that cruel. I had a bath thing once before and I still not worked out what I did wrong that time either.


Mummy does keep on putting her face in my fur and saying I smell nice and is handsome. Is she trying to get back on my good side? It will not work, nope! Not unless she gives me all them cookies from yesterday and makes Molly and Faline say I am top rabbit-dog.

I also found some people monies. One of the neighbour ladies came round and while she was here I found some paper in her pocket. So I thought it looked like mine and tooked it. Later after she was gone I got my paper and started to chew it up. Mum found it and said it was monies! They is going to give it back to the lady, which not fair really since I found it and I wants it and so that makes it my stuffs. I was gonna put it with the rest of my toys. *whines*

~lickies, Ludo

18 thoughts on “I done something bad

  1. Ohhhhh Ludo! You had a bath time?? I, Pinot loves it but it's not for my sissy Momo! Did you say cheddar oaty cookies?? You're so lucky to have mama who baked these yummy treats for you and your friends. We meant to ask you earlier but we would love to link your blog to ours. Hope it's ok with you.Have a great weekend!Momo & Pinot

  2. Oh, NO! Oh, baths are SO horrible! You poor, poor thing! It’s even worse than getting BRUSHED and that’s bad enough!!!Love,AmmyPS: How much money did you make? 🙂

  3. Oh, I hate baths, too. I’ve only had two so far but my sister Jessie gets them all the time. She loves to roll in dirty yukky stuff that sticks to her fur coat. Hope you got some nice delicious treats after your ordeal :)Josh

  4. Hey dude. Thanks for visiting my blog! You have super pretty colors on your coat. I can’t work out the bathing stuff either. I despise it when that green goop gets scrubbed on my bum! It takes the beast stink away. Awful. I’ll tell ya. Awful.

  5. Aren’t Baths the worst!? Now that we live with Grandma and Grampa we go to a self doggie wash! I never see it coming until we get there!I get the zoomies too! Mom and Dad look at each other and laugh. Silly People.Licks,Kylie

  6. Hey Ludo!I was totally agrees with u tat we doggie SUPPOSE to smells like a DOG rite??really dun understand why those HUMAN wanted to bath us n makes us smelly like apple/mango/berry etc etc..rite?Anyway..thanks for ur comments ya!:)do visit my bloggie more often ya!heee…

  7. I agree that having your photo taken during bath time is humiliating. Mom did it to me and she made me post them on my blog too! I try to run and hide when mom starts to get things ready for a bath….it doesn’t work…she always finds me. I have learned that it is just best to put up with it and take it like a dog!

  8. Bath, we are due for one before the 24th. Dad said we should feel lucky cause we only get one every two dog-years (around 4-6 months). We still hate them though.Stay dry,Essex & Deacon

  9. Hi LudoI hate the bath too. Mommy gives me a bath every 2 weeks in the kitchen sink. She says I have to have a bath because of my therapy dog work. Mom calls my after bath zoomies, my get dry dance.Love Ruby

  10. I totally feel the same way about baths! I wonder who made them up to torture dogs like us!BTW, I realised you are just one day younger than me!

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