Town and country

I sometimes go to town with Mummy and Grandpaw and we went again yesterday. I does like it in town, there is lots of things to sniff and sometimes other dogs. There is lots of people that want to say hello to me. There is sometimes strange things but bestly of all we get to go in a pet shop at the end and I pick my own treat.

There is not very good piccures as mum didn’t want to look ‘weird’ taking piccures all the time.

There I is in the car on the way down. See my silly harness stuck to the silly seatbelt I has to wear! I is perfectly able to sit on a seat without falling off.

Waiting for Mum outside a shop.

I seed a big sandwich

Good sniffings

A funny shouty people man, called a town crier. His bell was loud and did frighten me a bit.

We also did see a dog that was there from the mountain rescue things. We gived them some monies. I chose me and Penny a pigs ear in the petshop. Everyone loves me lots in there.

After all that adventuring I was very worned out. I settled down on Mum’s bed and slept and slept. Till I woke up and was very excited. The peoples have been watching this thing on the where’s-the-remote box what makes noise. It called X-factor and it all about singing. This week Mum liked the songs and she be singing them all to me. I gets soo excited when Mum sings, I just want to play and run around. Mummy thinks it cos her singing hurt my ears. BOL! It does sound a bit like she barking excitedly. Wuff!.

So that be the town part of my post today and the country part is all about cows. Mum says cows live in the country like I do, but I never seen a cow. Reilly has showed some piccures of some on his blog. He be a cow spot dog and he want to know what everyone else look like as one. So I asked mum to make me a cow spot dog like Reilly. What you all think? Mum says I is glowing like an Angel. I only see’d one Angel afore. The one that was supposed to go on the crisp mas tree what a chewed up. She say that not a real Angel, just a rep-ree-sent-ation of one. So I think I is one of those repre things.


Oh, I has just found out that I be a winner!! Huruff!! I has won a prize from Kylie’s Crisp mas (she call it Christmas, but I think it the same thing) days draw. I so pleased to have won. Thank you so much Kylie and her Mom. Why not go visit and enter it too?

Yup, it been a very exciting weekend. Wuff wuff.

~lickies, Ludo.
pee ess. Penny’s poorly leg is still not better and her medicine is all ran out so she has to go back to the vets on monday.


11 thoughts on “Town and country

  1. Woofitty woof woof woof! Ludo, you make a pawtastic cowspotdog!!!! I am making you a special award to go on your blog. It looks like you had a wonderful time in the city…..and the pet stores are the best thing to visit.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day Ludo.I don’t know why the link to my blog isn’t working for you 😦 I’m sure it is one of my settings or something, but I don’t know how to fix it for you.

  3. Ooo wow fun that seems like a great day to go for a ride! And I have to wear a seatbelt too sometimes but the Mum says it’s because she wants me to be safe and I bet that’s for you too, to be safe!

  4. Wow, sounds like you’ve had a wonderful adventure in the big city, Ludo. Poor old town crier was wearing a rain jacket, haha. Doesn’t have a fur coat to keep him nice and dry. We’re trying to get Papa to buy us these harness thingies for in the car but he says maybe when we’re a bit older and no longer throw up all over the seats. Lickies, Josh and Jess

  5. Congratulations Ludo! I am so excited you won my contest this week! That sounds like a fun trip to the Town! I need my Mom to get better at taking pictures when we go places too… she always feels silly!BOL HUMANS!Licks,Kylie

  6. Town sounds good, i wonder if Mama will ever take me there.Mama says the seat belt if for your own safe-tea. Did you get some tea after you got out of the car?

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