I am in need of some sympathies. Poorly Penny has been getting it all and stealing all my attentions. She went back to the vets again about her poorly leg and she has to go back in *again* tomorrow for an ex ray. That is something that will look inside of her and see what is wrong. I know what is wrong, she is just trying to get sympathies. I does not know why she has to make such a fuss about a silly poorly leg. She has even been stealing my bed at night and wants to sleep in the room with Mummy and Me. Stealing my mum’s attentions away from me! Mum says that she was Penny’s mum before she moved away and got me but that really not fair.

I did not know what sympathies is before, but I been hearing it a lot when Penny has been getting strokings from people. So it must mean lots of fuss and strokings. Which I need more than Penny, cos she is old. A whole 11 years old and I am only a baby! She had plenty of times for getting sympathies already.

I is also really in need of crisp mas now. I is being so neglected and so run out of toys I is having to make do. I found something that appeared whilst mum was wrapping up some crisp mas presents to give to santa paws. It is a giant loo roll tube!! huruff!

I think it might be the bestest thing I ever found!

Well that all for now. Please wish Penny better soon, or she will keep on stealing all my sympathies. Even just a little while ago I was lying in my door way, telling mum what to type when and Penny is sitting outside in the hallway crying. I had to move in the end and then she came past and is now sleeping in my bed next to mum!

~lickies, Ludo.


9 thoughts on “Sympathies

  1. Oh, sorry to hear you are feeling neglected Ludo but we’ll just have to give Penny some sympathies over the internet 🙂 We’ve recently had big ouchies ourselves and it is not nice. We’re sure your Mum will make it up to you when Penny is better and you’ll get more strokies and ever before. Hey – we also found such a loo roll thingy in our house 🙂 As we said before – it seems to be crisp mas everywhere.

  2. Oh, Ludo, you must be kind to Penny as she is an old lady. She has some poorly inside her – imagine if you had poorly in your and Penny was being meanies about you getting the sympathies? You must give Penny some licks and fuss and be on your bestest of behaviours. Penny will be better some ans i’m sure you’ll get lots of fuss to make up for being a good nurse to Penny.

  3. Ludo, I hope Penny is feeling better really soon. I know you wish you had your mum all to yourself sometimes, but Penny needs your mum right now. Oreo has a hard time being patient when Misty is getting attention (Misty is 10 and Oreo is just 2). So, Misty sends her love to Penny and Oreo sends his sympathies to Ludo!

  4. Oh Ludo, your Mum has enough sympathies for you both. Penny needs you too, so give her a kiss from us. You will be glad you did!

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