Crisp mas is almost here!

Hello, we is doing the internets through a cable thingy that goes into where the phone is apposed to go it is slowslow. Mummy is still very grumpy about the internets not working, she says she will not be able to talk to some of her friends over crisp mas. I is so exited that crisp mas is almost here, I will finally know what it’s all about for sure.

I has been so excited that I has been being ‘a pain’. I can not be helping it, I is so excited I think I will burst if I not run off with the ‘not yours’ things. Grandma did not really need them tissues for her cold that I chewed all up anyway. Mummy says if I is not careful santa paws will only give me a lump of coal. I not know what that be, but it sound like cold. Which is not nice of him at all. Unless he give me some of that snow stuff! Wow! I hope he does give me coal! Wuff! Look how many holes have been eated on my advent calendar!

We has been getting lots of stuffs from the letter man lately. All the walls have cards all over them. I gots a card and a present from Kylie. The card has the very prettyful Kylie on and I has putted it up on the wall with the other ones.

For me?

Yummy candy cane!

My rabbit-dog brother and sister Molly and Faline has been getting stuffs from the letter man too. They gotted some biscuits. They is for doing something called a fundraising for a rabbit rescue, that is something that look after all the poor bunnies without a home. Isn’t that very sad that rabbit-dogs don’t have homes at crisp mas? They is only for little hoppy rabbit-dogs though, called bunnies, not big ones like me. Mum says it is good for us to remember how lucky we are at crisp mas to have homes, it not just people and big-dogs that need homes, but rabbit-dogs, cats and other kinds of animals too. She said something about crisp mas really being about a human baby that was borned. I not understand that at all, how does a baby mean my rabbit-dogs get presents? Here’s some piccures anyway.

Those silly two were so busy arguing over who would open their packet that I tooked the other one and eated it all up, it sure was yummy yummy!

erm, where’d it go? It not me Molly, I not seen your biscuit…

Well that be all for me till crisp mas. Have a good one all my blogging friends! I hopes the internets come back soon so I can visit all your blogs again.

Lots and lots of crisp mas lickies, Ludo


12 thoughts on “Crisp mas is almost here!

  1. Coal sounds good to us. Dad will sometimes sing that old country song. "I'm just an old lump of coal, but I'm going to be a diamond some day." That's our Dad.Merry Crisp Mas, Essexmas, Chirstmas, Arrrg, Merry Sumptin.Essex & Deacon

  2. I’m so glad it got there before crisp mas for you! Yum yum! I was watching Mom closely as she filled the package. I offered to taste test each but she said no. Bah humbug!Hope you get your internet back and have a wonderful Christmas to your and your whole family!Licks,Kylie

  3. Oh Ludo, internet through the phone thingy is soooooo slow! Hope you are back to normal soon. I'd be grumpy too!Can't wait to hear what you get from Santa Paws!Merry Christmas!Love, Oreo & Misty

  4. Maybe the internet went down so your mama can spend more time with you and the family, hehe… that’s looking on the bright side of things. Merry Christmas!!

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