Crisp mas day .. part 1

Huroo! I hope everypup and bun and big dog too had as good a crisp mas as I did. I hope we get to have another crisp mas very soon! I think Santa Paws must have beed watching very carefully to see if be good enough to get presents…And guess what? I was!! Was you all?

Santa paws is very sneaky, I did not see him come at all. But I did see Mummy and Grandma moving coloured objects around, but I was too sleepy to see very much and stayed in my bedroom. That night we went to sleep, but Mummy was very fidgety and kept waking up. She had got poorly ill again, right on Crisp mas eve. 😦

Eventually it be morning and what did me and Mummy find on our bed?

It was a Crisp mas sack Mum said. Inside it was three coloured paper thingies. Mum readed the labels and it said one to Mum, one to Penny and one to I!! Huruff I thought, they must be from Santa paws!

At first I not know what to do to. I thoughted to myself, all this fuss about Crisp mas and Santa paws and he just brings coloured paper thingies? I thought I not be wanting it to be Crisp mas after all… But then Mum did some magic and broke the paper and underneath there was a toy. For me!! Wuffwuff! ooh, it was the bestest thing ever, a new toy before breakfast.
It was a big fluffy red slipper. Mum said it be monster foot’s slipper. BOL! She sure be silly.

Penny’s present was for both of us really, it be two jumbones which I not had before and we had them instead of breakfast, it sure was yum!
It not matter what be in Mum’s cos it just boring people stuffs.

Next the people’s had their breakfast I did helpings at the table and played with my new slipper lots.

I was thinking Crisp mas was very good already, but then I got a bigbig suprise! We were allowed to go into the living room and just look what was inside.
More presents!! I smelled out one for me. Whilst Penny sniffed about for Santa paws. She said he had been on the tree. She a better sniffer than I am. I could only smell Mummy and Grandpawents.

It was a very exciting day and I got lots of presents. Penny did get a bit annoyed with me at first as I was being too excited. I thoughted every present was for me. Even the people ones!
But I think it only fair to want to share Penny’s presents. Especially when she be getting ones like this…

A ginormous rawhide bone!

I soon figured out how to get the paper off my presents too. Here I is opening one Mummy gotted me. It a noisy monkey what says eee eee eee!

Penny did getted a new collar too.

I think I must have beed the goodest dog between us cos I got lots more presents than Penny. Mum says that is just cos Penny not like to play with toys anymore but I think she is lying and santa paws just likes me best. Also Penny did do a very big bad chasing the sheep, which I did not do, and on crisp mas day after we all wented to bed Penny gotted out the bin bag and made rubbish go everywhere.

I gotted this pawtastic thing too. I not know what it called so I will call it a food thingy. Mum puts food in it and I has to find it all hidden in holes.

Here be a piccure of me and Penny with all our presents. You can see I gotted the most can’t you? That one in the middle be from neighbour Joan for us to share.

Phew! Crisp mas is such a busyfun day I can not fit it all into one post. Tomorrow I will post more.

~lickies, Ludo


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