New year

Today it is a new year. I not know why. It feel just the same, the only different thing was Mummy and Grandpaw wented out to something called ‘the pub’ and came back late. They had some funny plastic thingies and they stood with Grandma (who was poorly sick and so could not go to ‘the pub’) and they all looked at the where’s the remote and did countings and then the little plastic things went POP! Very loud, but I not scared, cos out of them came lovely papers!

I be learning lots from my blog friends and some of them has made New years resolutions. Which be things what you want to happen in the brand new year. My new years resolutions be this:

1: Make Penny and the rabbit dogs play with me more.
2: Go outside for walks 6 times a day
3: Get more cuddles. Be more determined if I is told no. It not my fault my nose is cold and wet.
4: Get better at catch
5: Eat more treats.

I think they is good ones. Mum has made some for me too, hers is stupid.
1: Stop barking everytime the neighbours go in or out, or you hear Penny bark.
2: Stop being a hoover for crumbs
3: Find a different way to wake me up in the morning, your new way of sitting on my chest and pushing your nose into my face is not appreciated.
4: Be nicer to Penny

humph. She has got to be joking! BOL!
~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Huruff! Thanks to everyone who said I was clever at opening my presents. 😀


16 thoughts on “New year

  1. Good luck with your resolutions Ludo! They can be tough to keep sometimes.Happy New Year!Love, Sara, Misty & OreoPS Oreo says Misty was lying, and that he really won.

  2. Hi Ludo! I just found your blog and I like it!Do all dogs has to make resolushuns? I am not sure about that. I am mostly a good girl and I don’t tear my stuffees and I love my Mom. We think about this!Happy New Year to you and your family.Kisses,Stella

  3. Happy new year little spotted one…..those sould like some pretty good new year resolutions. Moms can be funny about wet noses in the face…my mom is like that too. Ssssshhhhh don’t tell anyone I said this……but if you keep on doing on it….moms eventually get use to it

  4. I like your resolutions – hehe, eat more treats!!! By the way, I think you look really really good! It’s hard to find a blue merle over here.

  5. Happy New Year LudoI hope you can keep all of your resolutions. They are good ones.I enjoyed the video of you opening your presents. Your mom makes great videos.Love Ruby

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