Beach time

It been too cold for Mummy to want to come to the beach with me this week, but today she got some new boots from the letter man so off we went. I not know why she need them. I get my feets wet all the time and I ok.

It be a very pretty day. The sun was sunny. The sky was shiney and the beach had lots of good sniffings! Plus mum tooked some beef out with her so I got treats!

I found two things that needed a really good good sniffing. Firstly someone had builded a strange thing with beach stuffs. I think it was alines what come from the sky. Next was a kind of animal sniffings. Mum said it was horses, someone had been riding them on the beach. I not know what a horses is, but remember my friend Carlton’s mamma had to go to a horsepital what was some kind of building.

I also met a friend. We did not play, just had a little chat. She be more interested in my Mummy and her food than in me.

Then me and Mum did fun runnings around. I loves to run around with Mum on the beach. Silly her forgot to bring any toys. She bringed my clicker instead! I wented in the water a little too. I is getting much braver than I used to be.

Mum got confused cos she was waving her arm about to tell me to go run and play but I was doing ‘spin’ that cos she was doing the action what means spin. Mum sure can be a silly head sometime. So then we did some ‘heel’, ready for when I start school again soon. I was doing all my trainings perfect until mum got the camera out and then I started being silly and doing barkings. I love doing barkings! BOL!

Lickies, Ludo


15 thoughts on “Beach time

  1. Very cool and fun beach time for you, Ludo! You could come and visit me and we could play in the deep snow! Would you like that?Kisses,Stella

  2. Looks like you had a fun time at the beach Ludo. The world is just full of good things to sniff! Humans have very sensitive feet and always seem to need boots on them in the wet and cold. Fortunately we don’t need to bother with such foolishness.Your friend,Niamh

  3. Hm… judging from that big paw print, them horsies must be pretty big dogs!!! In answer to your question – Ma and Pa bark with British accents, so they say ‘Jess’, but a lot of Kiwis say ‘Jiss’ (they strangle the ‘e’ in Jessies name’).

  4. Sounds like you had fun. The horsepital doggies must be gimongous. We like the cold but live in this warm place. Your Mum would probably like it, but we rather be in someplace cool.Essex & Deacon

  5. w00f’s Ludo, nice to meeted u too..u looks like u wuz having sooo much fun on the has never seed a beech..but me hopes to this summer.b safe,~rocky~

  6. What a cool day at the beach Ludo! Looks like so much fun doing all that sniffing and barking and also working on your lessons with your mum! Love your video – you heel with such good attention!

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