Waking up Mum

Mum was beeing too lazy today. She always go back to bed after I has woked her up for go wizz and breakfast but today she was sleepingsleeping and being no fun at all. She not wake up when I lick her ear, or say woowoo at her. So I wented and gots a toy.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this very close to your face every morning?

She did play a bit, but I had to put my toy right in her hand, then she threwed it on the floor and I chased and gotted it then putted it back in her hand. Bestly of all is this toy is one that go EEEeeee!eeeee!Eeeee! when it dropped on the floor. So it especially annoying to Mummies. BOL!

Now as for them horspitals, being as I is a puppy I can not be thinking about things for too long, I was very scared of the horspital for a while. I even been considering posting myself to go live with my friend Carlton to protect me.

But you has all made me feel lots better. Dawn thinks that Horspitals be extinct. So that be ok. The other kind what is called horses do seem pretty scary from what you all says, but if they behind fences it not too bad. I think I will keep careful watch incase they comes and maybe do what Essex and Deacon says and get the rabbit-dogs to come out on walks with me.

Faline was very badbadbad today and comed outside where she not be allowed to go. We see her when we comed back from our walk. Mum was very scared she would have something bad happen to her, but it ok, cos mum picked her up and putted her back. Mum feel very angry at herself cos she not shut the gate properly and that how Faline got out. I think she should not get any yummy carrits for a whole long time for being bads.

~lickies, Ludo


12 thoughts on “Waking up Mum

  1. I like sleeps in MORE than my Mom does . . .she wakes me up each and every morning!My Mom says it takes all kinds. What does that mean egsactly?Kisses,Stella

  2. Hi Ludo!I’m sure everyone would love to wake up to your cute face! Glad your mommy stopped being asleep and played with you!-Tibby

  3. Barfing on the bed is a really good way to get the moms up and moving ….but does leave you with an empty tummy….hey Ludo….what country are you in?

  4. Hi Ludo! It is very nice to meet you. You are quite a handsome puppy. And I like your toy. Toys that go EEEEeee! Eeeeeee! are always good.

  5. Maybe Faline was try to protect you from those Horspitals during your walkies. Dog Dad sometimes gets those sleepies too. We leave him alone or he growls at us like a huge Kodiak Bear. Then we go hide in another room.Essex & Deacon

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