Mummy says I been having a naughty day today. I waked her up by lying on her head. Then I been wanting to go in out in out all day long and making awoowoo’s if I is ignored.

I chewed up this

And this:

Though mum is only pretend angry about that cos she never liked Grandma’s pretend flowers either. I chewed up some of my toys and some papers and some other stuffs too!

I been pestering Penny and making her annoyed. Been jumping all around and doing zoomies. I stealed lots of stuffs. I chewed up cardboard after Mum had done the hoovering. Mum say she would not mind but she been playing with me lots and lots today and doing trainings. I also wented out the gate that Faline got out of yesterday and did not come back indoors like I is supposed to, Mum had to come out and chase me about! BOL! They should fix the gate.

I can not be helping being naughty. I has just felt all squirmy all day and not know how to get rid of it. Mum says I can blame the windy day if I like as long as I is good again tomorrow. Think I’ll go sleep now.

~lickies, Ludo


17 thoughts on “Naughty?

  1. Oh, don’t worry too much Ludo, we’re sure deep down your Mum is glad that the pretend flowers are gone. Just make sure that you don’t swallow the stuff – we swallowed the stuffing that was in our old stuffie before Ma could get too us and it gave me (Josh) horrible diarrhea. Ma thinks I also swallowed the squeaker that was in the squeaky toy but I did not. I fell down the side of the house, they just haven’t found it yet.

  2. Ludo you little imp!! (Imps are generally mischievous and full of trickery. You may get something good from a fairy, but never from an imp) Who can blame you for wanting attention, I think everyone is ready for this first non-holiday week to end! We were spoiled too much! I hope you don’t chew up anything that will make you sick or that will make Mum too mad at you!Licks,Kylie

  3. Saturday Good Boy: Thats you, right?I bet all that mischief you got in today wasn’t even that much fun, was it?I hope its all out of your system now and you can show Mom what a good boy is for the weekend.Kisses,Stella

  4. Bol, sometimes one just has days like that, no need to worry moms do not stay mad very long. Give those oh so forgive me puppy eyes and she will melt

  5. We love you Ludo! Your stories always make us laugh. Out loud. I hope you find some middle ground on Saturday, like maybe you play a lot but don’t chew anything up? Your mummy will be OK, as long as you TRY to be good! LOL!

  6. Oh Ludo, you’re such a puppy! Hope your Mama didn’t get too angry. Did she smack you or something? If I was you, I’d rather get a smack than get banned from having any treats for a month. Hee!Butt wiggles,Solid Gold Dancer

  7. Nice to see you popping by our blog Ludo. We are glad you like bassets as strangely enough our mum's first ever dog in the world was a shetland collie called Prince. This was many years ago as she is getting so old but it has made her happy looking at your pictures. We don't think your naughty – your just growing up!Basset kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  8. Those squirmy days are hard to cope with especially when it’s cold outside and the mom doesn’t want to take you out. I am lucky cause I have a treadmill that I run on twice a day, it burns up lots of energy. Maybe also suggest you mom checks your teeth and makes sure that all the baby teeth have gone.

  9. oh, the squirmies – I know what they are.. I had them bad when I was really little. I still get them when I am bored. And i get bored easy. puzzle toys help, and having friends over helps..learning stuff helps too. your tues and thursday trick days should ease them a little toogood luck with them – they can get nasty.your pal Morgan

  10. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog ok repeet after me “it wuznt me it wuz the gofers frum the yard” if yoo say that offen enuf yore mama wil start to beleev it trust me wurks evry time ha ha ok bye

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