A lazy Sunnyday

As usual Sunnyday has not been sunny at all, it been windy and rainy and dark. I has been having a lazy day today, after all my mischief. Mum says she hopes I is not taking it in turns cos we is starting a new school tomorrow and she wants me to be extra special good.

I got some cuddles

Read some blogs

Went and said hello to Molly and Faline
Faline does not look too happy at my nose kisses does she?

Finally, here I am, I has had my dinner and I is now concentrating hard on doing my blog.
I hope you has all had a nice sunnyday too.

~lickies, Ludo


15 thoughts on “A lazy Sunnyday

  1. Thanks Ludo, yes we’ve had a sunny Sunnyday here in New Zealand but we were VERY naughty. Jessie pooped right outside the font door so that the hoomans stepped in it and I shoved my nose into Mum’s pocket to get the treats out BEFORE we’d finished our school work :)We still got cuddles though!!!

  2. We can’t wait to hear about your new school!We loved the photo of you reading our blog. It was almost like we were together 🙂

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