Another dog!

Mum has adopted another dog and she has not told me about him and got my permissions!!
I has been barking at him to make him go away, but he just copy me. He has not come into the house properly yet so he must be ascared of me. He live behind these funny door thingys what is in the house and sometime I see him in the fireplace. I only just seed him there but I not sure how long he has been about.

Funny thing is he look just like me!

If anypup know how to get rid of him let me know ok?

In other news there nothing much to report about school. It be good at first to do sniffings at other dogs and I does like spending time with mum and making her happy by being good. But thing is this new school does not care that I went to my other school and is making us start all the way back to the begining with the little puppies and other dogs that not been to school before and so it pretty boring for me and mum cos the stuff is very easy for us. If you looks on training you can see me at my old school. Mostly we practiced giving treats and doing ‘watch’ which I know as look. Mum says we just have to keep on going and hope they let us into the next class a bit early. Still at least I be the best dog there. BOL!

~lickies, Ludo


16 thoughts on “Another dog!

  1. You are right Ludo, that dog looks exactly like you! Amazing! What a copy cat (er, dog) he is though.You are so silly Ludo. Tell your mum that was a great video! Misty barked along with you, I think she has a crush on you.

  2. Great video Ludo!! Hmmmm…that doggie looks awfully familiar…just like you…in every way!! Maybe it’s a pod pup! Maybe woo should not sleep!!!**checks under the bed**Mya Boo Boo

  3. That is like at my House! The dog is like me and shows up by the oven door! My Mom says its a imidge and showed me in a mirror. Another imidge.Maybe she is write, so I quit barkin’ at it.Kisses,Stella

  4. A dog just like me shows up by the window sometimes. Sometimes he goes away when I growl at him, other times he’ll just stare it me and I would stare back. I hope you’ll get rid of him Ludo!!

  5. Yes we have the same problem in Scotland – mum says it's mirrored wardrobes!We bark and bark but still these dogs dont play!Very annoying.Basset kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  6. Him, that strange dog is a mirror image of you. Does he bark back at you ever? Does he eat your food ever?Best of luck getting rid of the other dog. However, if he doesn't eat your food, he might be okay to keep around.Dog Speed,Essex & Deacon

  7. Hi Ludo – when I was a pup there was a pup that looked just like me that lived behind the dishwasher door – I barked and barked and finally he went away! So good luck!Sorry your class is boring so far – hopefully they will get to some harder stuff soon!

  8. Ludo,That was very mean of your mom to get another puppy without your permission. And one that looks just like you! We think you might be able to find him in the bathroom too. We bet that she will never let him out of those places though. You will still have your whole house.

  9. I have one of those appear in my fire place too….but I don’t bark at him…..I just sit there giving him the eveil eye look….but you know what, he gives it right back!!!! I must admit he is a handsome pup

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