Tricky T-days

Mum has decided that it would be a good idea to start a new thing. She cannot choose what to call it so for now it be called ‘Tricky T-days’. What we is going to do is use days of the week that begin with T’s to show what training and tricks we is working on. We thought of tuesday since I will be going to school on mondays. We likes to do trainings and mum say it stop me going round annoying grandpawents and Penny. BOL!

So for our first ‘Tricky T-day’ mum said we should update on some old things I had learned and posted about.
First is wipe your feet here is when I first learned it. Way back when I was very little and still had a Daddy about. Here below be it put into practice. BOL! I loves to wipe my feet on the towel.

Next be ‘Where’s tiny teddy’ Where I was learning the names of my stuffs. Here it be again, but a bit harder.

Tiny teddy be a fun game!

( Update! Mum has just noticed on Tibby’s blog that she already does a pawsome trick tuesday and thursday. She had forgot she already did one, as we has not long been visiting his blog. His is very different to ours because Tibby teaches you a new trick and we is just showing you how our trainings is going.. But we wanted to say sorry to Tibby if she thinks we is stepping on his paws. 🙂 There is not really many other names you can give a trick day, we can’ts think of any, but if any of our friends can think of a good name please bark it at me as we would like Tibby’s name to stay unique! )

Here be the treats I is getting for doing trainings.

Can you know what they all is?

Okies! For this week we is gonna be trying to learn. Cross paws and ‘are you shy’ / hide. Mum wants to talk now. Don’t she know this be my blog!? ooh, pee ess. Gosh, there is so many of these other dogs about, you has all found one? Thanks for all yous advices. I think I is safe from him for now.

~lickies, Ludo

Hello everyone, Dee (Ludo’s mum) here.
I thought I’d speak for a bit to tell you what we’re doing with the tricks. I know some people will think Ludo’s a bit young to be learning different tricks but I am home all day with him so we get time to fit in little bits of training here and there and also get plenty of play and sleep. 😉 I hope Ludo enjoys his trick training, he does seem to and is very clever, so it gives him something to think about. If I can get my head around video editing a bit better I’ll try and make one showing the things he can do so far. 🙂

So, for the first ‘t’ day we’re learning cross paws, inspired by Obay shelties little girl pups looking so sweet and some of our other friends that are learning it. I’m doing it on the bed as Ludo’s very bouncy and on the floor was pouncing a bit too much and although he was still using his left paw he would scooch over to touch the target rather than cross his paws. haha!

I’m using the lid from a jar of barker and barker treats. He already knows the word tap to touch something with his paw, so I decided to use that first until he gets what I want him to do. I’ve then started saying cross paws. Hopefully I’ll be able to take the target away over the next few sessions and then progress to the dreaded floor. 😀

For ‘Are you shy/hide’ I’d read in lots of places to put tape or some sort of rubber band type thing on the dogs muzzle. Ludo was not impressed with having tape stuck to him at all and ended up with parcel tape everywhere. It doesn’t stick to him for some reason. So I then had the idea to use a hair clip, which is working quite well. 🙂

Well… I can certainly ramble can’t I? No wonder Ludo wont let me talk more often. I hope you all enjoy watching Ludo’s progress during ‘tricky t days’ and any tips would be great. 🙂 Ooh, and please excuse my insanely high pitched voice in some of the videos!

The video:


14 thoughts on “Tricky T-days

  1. those are all wonderful things you have learned Ludo. My mom taught me all the tricks before I was 6 months old too….we shelties seem to learn very fast when we are young.

  2. You’re such a clever boy Ludo!!! We can’t do half as many tricks but we’ve recently started on a few new ones. Our Mum is currently home with us all day, too, because she has an ouchie in her shoulder and can’t work. Maybe we’ll finally catch up!!!Love, Josh and Jess

  3. Ludo you are so smart! Yes, Misty loves to watch your videos, especially when she gets to hear you bark. Misty is always trying to tell you something….

  4. Hi Leanne. In the first example I started by saying ‘Tiny teddy’ whenever Ludo touched it. I would then click and reward until he would touch it when I said the name rather than the other way round.For the second time he’s sort of forgotten it so I used a target stick to get him to target tiny teddy and then would say the name like that. 🙂 Haven’t succeeded in teaching him any other names yet though. :p~Dee

  5. Hi Ludo!Those are some wonderful tricks! I was getting worried that I might run out of tricks to learn but you have showed me a few more I didn’t know about! Me and my owner girl will have to start trying some of your pawsome tricks out! You are such a smart puppy!-Tibby

  6. Hi Ludo!Don’t worry about steppin on my paws! Great minds think alike as they say! I guess that just means we are both great!-TibbyPS: I am a girl doggy! 🙂 Lotsa peoples think I am a boy, I think it must be the beard!

  7. Ludo, you are a very clever boy to learn such tricks!All I know to do is shake hands and take the treats!Please come to my blog and accept a special award!Kisses,Stella

  8. Great job Ludo! You learn tricks really fast! Mom taught me a lot when I was little – we think it’s good to learn when you’re little because it teaches you “how to learn.”Awesome idea using the hair clip for “shy” – mom tried to teach me with tape and I just hated the tape and thought I was good when I got it off (kind of missed the point of the trick)!

  9. Hi LudoWiping your feet is a very good trick and helpful to mommies. I would like to learn that one too. Mom always says “Wipe your feet” when come in from outside, but them she picks me up and wipes my feeties with a towel. I like your way better.Love Ruby

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