Bored bored bored.

I is having to be naughty again cos I is bored bored bored. It been horrid windy rainy here. So the peoples does not want to go outside, only quick. Their furs they take on and off must not be good enough. Plus mum says I has become a teenager, I has beed trying to attack my bed but it just too tough! We has been playing lots of games indoors, trying to teach Penny stuffs and other thing but I still pretty bored. I is not allowed on the chairs anymore either cos I tooked Grandpaws cake. BOL! It sure was worth it!

Penny almost played with me a little bit. Penny not really like toys, but she get one when the peoples go out and come back in again. I try to play with her, but she always tattle on me to mum and say I is taking her toy. Normally I not mind, but today she got my toy!

See her silly eyes looking at mum to say help? I is strong enough to take my toy back off Penny I thinks, but she do have a bit of a strong grip… I is not gonna say that I lost, cos I is a boy after all but Mum is making me show you this piccure.

I only let her win cos she my Auntie.

I been playing lots with my toys lately, Mum say she is making me be tidy and she has gone and putted them all in a box. Well at first I thought this be a bad idea and kept taking them out, but then I thought it fun to take them out and mum put them back BOL! Also they is all handy for when I wants them. The box be much fun too!

I glad you all like my cowspot frisbee I might has to call is Reilly BOL! Mum say I pick it up funny by the inside not the outside.

Mum made us some treats and we been using them to teach Penny how to come to the whistle like I does. They is salmon burgers, cos Grandad has some salmon from a tin and mum used the left overs. Mum say you just squish up all the salmon then mix in about 50g of flour and some vegetable oil, or the oil from the salmon tin.

Step 1, mix altogether; step 2, roll into balls and press down; step 3, cook for about 15 mins.

Now the most important step…

They smell so yummy and are hard on the outside and soft in the middle. Mum hopes they will be good for Penny. Penny is on a diet so can’t have treats but mum hopes these be ok as they is healthy and fish is supposed to be good for older pups and peoples. Penny is all wet from a bath. I didn’t get one, Huruffruff!!

Ooh! I almost forgets! Stella gived me a lovely award.
Thanks so much Stella! I think most of my friends has been gived this award recently, I been seeing your names 😀 so I can’t think of my 8 right now. I will do it next post once I has had a better look through. If you is in my blogs I likes you can has it.

~lickies, Ludo

16 thoughts on “Bored bored bored.

  1. Congratulations on your award Ludo! You look very cute sitting in that box on top of all your toys. That’s very kind of you letting your auntie Penny win 🙂

  2. Salmon is supposed to be very good for dogs – its nice that it tastes so good! Usually things that are good for you don’t taste as yummy….You look cute in your box:)

  3. Hi Ludo:All us cold weather dogs are bored, bored, bored. I don’t know the last time my mom and I tooked a walk.Don’t worry about naming 8 people for the award. When I started and got one, I didn’t know many peoples to give it to, so I didn’t. But it got around all the same.Kisses,Stella

  4. Nice to me WOO Ludo!Woo are a furry good lookin' khanine!Both of my eyes are khokholate brown but the right one always photographs red!Khongrats on your award!Tank woo fur stopping by Khyra's Khorner!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  5. congrats on your award, Ludo! You reall—WAIT! Did you say SALMON burgers?!?! Do you need any help with those? I could run right over. Seriously. SALMON burgers?!!?Play bows,ZimPS: My sisters think you look adorable in your toy box!

  6. Oh Ludo You look Adorable in your box o’ toys! I have a toy box that looks like a bone and I LOVE taking everything out so Mom trips on them and puts them back in! And when I know which toy I want, I’m really persistent to get it out!I was pretty bummed Mom found me too! She made me go out for a LONG walk just because she had to go to work and I was going to be stuck at home! BrrrrLicks,Kylie

  7. Don’t worry Ludo! You are not alone on the BORED front! We up here are inside because it’s so cold out, and we can’t wait for spring! You are a very cute pup in your toybox, and the treats look wonderful! Congratulations on your award!!

  8. Hi LudoThose salmon treats look really good. Mom loves salmon, so me & the cats get to taste it lots.Congrats on the award and for being a gentleman and letting Penny play with your toy.Love Ruby

  9. We liked the look of your treats! We also thought you looked very cute inside the box with your toys! We now have a toy box too as our mum was fed up with the mess!basset kissesMartha & Bailey xx

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