Smile … and a little competition

Hurro Everypup! Todays sunnyday post is called ‘smile’ Here be me doing my bestest smile. Because it be miserable and gloomy mum say it be very important to remember to do things that make us smile.

There been a lot of sad things lately with Zoe and Destiny going to rainbow bridge. Mum say there is lots of sad things happening in the people world too.

Something that make mum smile lots be rabbits. I thinks you all know that I is also a Shetland rabbit-dog kind of dog, I learnt this when I seed some sheeps.

I has 7 brother and sister rabbit dogs, even though I only lives with 2 now cos the others still be living with old Daddy. I and Mum misses them very much and something that make Mum feel happy is to help other poor rabbit dogs that not have a home. Rabbit-dogs don’t get the same attentions that dogs do a lot of the times and some of them is living very unhappy. Mum knows a people who is making up some great nice things to do helpings (called fund raisings) of a rabbit-dog rescue called Fat Fluffs.

So to help spread some smiles Mum is going to get some of these cool things to give to some of my big dog friends and hop-ing-ly (gettit?) make you all smile too!

Magnets of you!

These magnets is totally pawsome, they stick on things! BOL! Although these has piccures of rabbit-dogs on them you can have any piccure you like at all. A magnet of you! Or you can has a keyring instead, they your person can take it everywhere with them.

If you wants to win one (and maybe an extra treat too), all you has to do is tell me the name of a famous rabbit-dog. Anyone will do as long as it has not beed said, then Mum will get a piccure from you to get it made and post it out to yous. We is going to give away 7, we thinks, in honor of my 7 siblings. But if you want one after that you can visit Fatfluffs and get one made youself. They is not much money. 🙂

So help spread some smiles to rabbit-dogs everywhere and enter my giveaway.
~lickies, Ludo

15 thoughts on “Smile … and a little competition

  1. Oh Ludo, you are so good as smiling! It always makes me wag my tail when I see you being happy! What a great contest to have with all our hearts being sad, and it will help rabbit dogs! I have only see things out on walks in our old neighborhood. Mom used to call them Bunnys but I think they are related to your rabbitdogs. I have always tried to catch one so maybe giving to their fundraiser I will get on their good side! My guess is ROGER RABBIT!” He was a rabbit who talked on TV! Does he count!? BOLLicks,Kylie

  2. Your smile made our mum smile – you looked so nice. You are having a contest too – we are very excited and will need to have a good think.Rabbitdogs? We will need to ask our dad.loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. You sure look cute there Ludo.The famous rabbit dog I know is the rabbit on the moon. It’s a chinese myth’e~ Bae

  4. What a nice smile – woo khould be a Sibe!As fur the khontest, I'm not playing – I'm just reading all the other great suggestions/answers -Mom likes the Velveteen Rabbit – I probably would too since that is two great things together!Thanks fur cheering US up!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  5. Hi Ludo!You look so cute smiling like that! You are so nice to help out the rabbit-dogs! I knows a famous rabbit-dog named Thumper! He was in Bambi! I hope they get lots of help for the rabbit-dogs with the fundraiser!-TibbyPS: I added you to my friends list on my bloggy! I hope that’s ok!

  6. aw you have a fab smile!we’re going to make a guess at Hazel and Fiver from watership down!

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