Mum and me had great fun with the rabbit-dog game seeing everyones famous rabbits! They was all good ones and Mum learned some stuff too, like about the Chinese rabbit.

I has sent messages to the 7 guessers (and one for lucks). Thankies everyone for playing and helping the rabbit-dogs. Our favourite suggestion and winner of the extra treat, is being Morgan’s Peter Rabbit. Don’t he look a bad rabbit!

Did you know the lady that wroted all about Peter Rabbit used to live in the ‘Lake District’ which be very near to where I lives now and also to where I lived before with Daddy.

Mum had lots of her books when she was a pup. We would also like to send some pup else a treat to go with their magnet, so whilst we is waiting for the magnets to be made we will do a ‘hat draw’ I not know what one of those is but mum say it will help us pick one to send a treat to. If you’s want to keep saying famous rabbit dogs until then we will put you in the hat as well, you can get a prize and maybe a magnet too. I not really know what a hat got to do with anything though.

Oh yes! We almost got snow today! But it be something a bit different called hail stone. I was so excited to see it I had to do zoomies all over the place. Here I is mid zoom! I be fast fast! You can not see them snow things in the piccure though.

~lickies, Ludo


10 thoughts on “Huruffruff!

  1. Oooohhh! I remember Bunny Rabbit! He ALWAYS tricked Captain Kangaroo into giving him the carrots! He was a very smart bunny rabbit!Hail automatically produces zoomies here too…as does rain and wind and trucks driving by…

  2. No need to put us down for anything, we just want to add a bunny dog. How about “Uncle Wiggily Longears” we remember him from a board game Dad’s brudder, Stevie-grrr-Wonder had as a pup.

  3. hoooray Rabbitdogs! And Hooray Snow! We got another 16+ inches on Sunnyday Ludo! It’s almost taller then me!!I thought of another Rabbitdog! I will wait and see if someone else guesses it!Licks,Kylie

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