Cross paws/shy

Hurro, my second tricky t-day.
Me and mum has beed working on cross and shy. I got a bit bored with them after a while so we has also been doing some works what I think is like being sticky. We is working on me being close to mum where ever she go. She call it something called positioning, but she is wrong, she is trying to make me be like that sticky velcro stuff. BOL!

Mum needs to charge her camera battery, you just cannot rely on these peoples. So there is no video. I has got some pics instead. But the camera is slow when it has low battery so she didn’t get shy good. I likes to do shy better than cross paws.

~lickies, Ludo


19 thoughts on “Cross paws/shy

  1. Hi Ludo!Those are some great tricks you know! You are very good at them too! I don’t know either of those yet, but I hope my owner girl tries to teach them to me!:) Tibby

  2. These are good tricks, mum says you will be very clever cos your a sheltie! We can't do tricks. We liked the Cross Paws and thought you could send that out on a Good Luck card.Get you mum to charge those camera batteries, honestly you just cant get the humans these days!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Hi LudoThose are excellent tricks. You do them both very well. I don’t think I could do the cross your paws as mine are to short, but I could play shy.Love Ruby

  4. Ludo Good Job! We are trying to teach me to put my paw over my nose when she says “uh oh!” BOLAND What is with Humans forgetting to charge their camera things!? Ours is dead too!

  5. Ludo! You are SO SMART! Katie still hasn’t learned to give me a paw, much less cross it! And shy? Heck no, she’s NOT DOING IT! No she is not, because she’s a princess and apparently all princess dogs have to do is look good! 🙂

  6. Ohhhh you is very good Ludo. Mom taught me both of those tricks too…..but she says I am an ampidexterous dog…..and instead of crossing my paws….I just use the foot closest to the treat now 🙂 🙂 Can you do ‘tap your foot” Mom taught me that and now wishes she didn’t cause I like sitting there tap tap tapping to get her attention 🙂

  7. yup Reilly, I can do tap foot. I am a very feetsy dog anyways. I is always hitting people with my paws. Funny enough I gets it from my Dog dad, he sat pawpawing at mum when she first visited me.

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