"This is how you repay me"

I got some spaggetti from Mum’s dinner. Ruffruff!

Then to say thank you I spent some time working on a present for Mum.

What you think, you think it look good? It tooked me a long time to get all that white stuff out. But I know how much Mum like to pick up the white fluffy stuff. Otherwise she would not do it all the time and would just leave it on the floor right? Well, sometimes I just cannot work out peoples.
All she say was “This is how you repay me!” She did some laughings too. What kind of a thank you is that? Well, I thinks I has to say it back to Mum, cos that not a nice reward for all my hard efforts. I was wanting more spaggetti!

For Tricky T-day we is working on more velcro stuffs and on getting cross paws, shy and bang. I really likes to do shy all the time now! BOL!

We has also got a ‘tag’ from Mason (and later – Tibby’s blog). It is to go to your documents or pics folder or something and go to the 5th folder and then the 5th piccure. The one on Mum’s puter is this:

It is me! At only 5 weeks old. A piccure that Mum got from my Dog Dad’s mum. I sure does look different now huh?

I is supposed to tag 5 puppals to do this so I will tag:

Josh and Jessie
Sara, Oreo and Misty
Essex and Deacon

Hopes none of you has done it already!

Lots of lickies

22 thoughts on “"This is how you repay me"

  1. Ludo that spaghetti stuff looks yummy! We not allowed soft toys cos all we do is make white stuffs out of them, no fair eh!?Love Scott and The Gang xx

  2. Hi Ludo!That was a nice pressie you worked on for your mom! I can’t believe she didn’t give you any more spaghetties! You were such a cute little pup! And your still cute now!:) Tibby

  3. w00f’s Ludo, heehee, u did a good job destuffin that stuffie…yummmmies fur ‘getti…ahhh u wuzz a cutie puppy and ur still a cutie…b safe,~rocky~

  4. You look like you are playing tug with that spaghetti! Good job on destuffing that stuffie Ludo. People don’t realize how hard we dogs work for them.Hope you get some snow soon. You will love it.Your friend,Niamh

  5. Yeah for yummy Spaghetti… I think it’s really nice of you to get a present ready for your mom.You’re such a cutie puppy….~ Bae

  6. Thanks for visiting our blog, Ludo – woo are furry handsome. Mom once had a sheltie named Shane.We wuv wuv wuv spaghetti but Mom only lets us have it plain or maybe with yummy butter, but no tasty sauce. She thinks it isn’t good for our tummies but we think she is very wrong.We will back to visit – hope we see woo at our place too.Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Ludo, I don’t know which picture is cuter, you pulling the pasta, you with your proud white fluff, or Oh my dogness LITTLE LUDO! YOU WERE A LITTLE BALL OF FLUFF!!! BOLLicks,Kylie

  8. What a great present for your mum after the nice spaghetti!She will be able to have fun now with the hoover – you know how much mums like that!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  9. Your puppy pic made me cry! That pic looked like my first ever puppy so very long ago. How sweet you were. Of course you still are cute but there is just something about a puppy.loveMartha & Bailey's mum xx

  10. What a cute little puppy you were! That spaghetti looks really good. I’m gonna get my mom to make some… I’m pretty sure I will get a bite. Hope so, anyhow. Nice job on the de-stuffing!your pal Morgan

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