For a dog named Jess

Now for some sad stuffs. Through a forum mum goes to we had beed following the story of a dog called Jess who has very sadly died. Jess was 12 and belonged to a couple of very old peoples who loved her very much. Every day Jess would go down to the shops with her person and she would wait outside the shop on her lead whilst he went in and got his couple of stuffs. Some horrid evil person tooked Jess and stole her away from the shop and her owner. He runned away with her. This was the point that me and Mum learned about Jess.

We felt very sad for Jess’ owner and prayed for her safe return. We was hopeful cos who would want to steal an old dog, you can’t get much money after all, but peoples can be strange and cruel. Jess’ owner had some person that did not like him, he had the person make a complaint and say that Jess had been doing her toilets in the street and her owner been leaving it there and whoever that person is had left poo on Jess’ owners door step. It wasn’t Jess anyway as she had been away on holiday with her owners when she was accused of doing it.

Later we found out that poor old Jess had been found, she had gone to rainbow bridge and left her body behind in a thing called a dyke. There is CCTV of a man running through the town with her. Everyone that knew Jess is very sad indeed, she had lots of friends in her town. We wanted to share this story with you so that Jess will be remembered. Also Jess’ owner want to remind people that it really not be safe for us doggies to be left alone where someone could want to do horrid things to us. It not Jess’ Dad’s fault, cos he is old and used to doing it and he not understand why someone would want to be hurting Jess. In the links I will put the people polices say that it was someone who knew their routine and took advantage of it. RIP Jess. It is such a sad thing that you not got to spend your last moments with your owners, like all dogs should.

Here be some links about Jess. We is all trying to spread her story about as much as possible, cos the more peoples that hear about it the more hopes there is that the horrible man that tooked her will be found.

See Jess’ people talk about it here
Join her facebook group here
News story 1
News story 2

There has beed so much Sad crossings of pups to rainbow bridge that Mum found this poem. She knows it is a famous poem, but she always find it help her when she be feeling sad. She made up this piccure, for every person who has lost a furbaby. For Jess, and Zoe, Destiny, poopoo the cat and everyone else who has sadly gone ‘into the next room’.



7 thoughts on “For a dog named Jess

  1. Hi Ludo,That is such sad story about Jess. I don’t understand why there are meanie peoples out there. I will keep her family and friends in my thoughts.:) Tibby

  2. OH Ludo, that is very very sad about Jess. We will say an extra doggie prayer for her tonight, and for her family. There are some people in this world that Mommy and I just can’t figure out…Licks,Kylie

  3. Hi Ludo, this is such a sad story. It made the Mama and me (Jessie) cry!!! Who would do such a thing to an old doggie like Jess 😦 Thanks for sharing her story with us.

  4. It is so sad that there are mean and heartless peoples out there, that could do something like this to poor old Jess. One thing we know for sure, that person will not ever cross the rainbow bridge, they will live under it with the other mean trolls….never to see the happy sunlight again.

  5. What a horribly sad story! We can’t believe someone would do such an awful thing to a sweet old girl! Her family is in our thoughts and prayers.Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

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