My Prize

I got a parcel from Kylie! From her days of crispmas competition. hehe, A present and it not even Crispmas! Thanks so much Kylie.

Stay away Penny, it’s mine!

Huruffruff!! A yellow doggy squeaky stuffie!

Totally pawsome, a Nylabone too!

Hey, she stole it Mum!

Thanks again Kylie!

Peeess: Please go visit my friends Scott and Sophie, they’s had to take over their blog from their Mum! BOL!


13 thoughts on “My Prize

  1. You lucky thing, that was a good present. We have not tried a nyla bone but will ask mum.We liked your stuffie too. It is great fun getting presents after xmas has passed.have a fun weekendloveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Yay Ludo, I’m so sowwey that your pressie is so late getting to you! Take it up with the MOM…. BOLI hope you enjoy and I should have warned Mom to send two bones so you wouldn’t have to share!Your blanket is being PAW-delivered to Baypath Humane Society tomorrow by ME! Thank you so much for donating your blanket to my town’s local shelter!Licks,Kylie

  3. Wow….you are so good at that ripping the presents open….your mom is going to have be careful next Crispmas…..I can see you sneaking in and ‘unwrapping’ everything under the tree. Those were some great gifts you got……and don’t mind to much if Penny had a chew on your bone….she was just getting it nicely ‘seasoned’ for you.

  4. Hi there!Thanks for visiting me – its nice to meet you.It would be great to have you join in True Colours Thursday next week.The weeks colour is pink, you just need to find or take & post photo's containing it, then leave me a comment on my post to say you've played.Best wishes, pats & petsBlue

  5. Hey Ludo,Thanks for telling your peeps to visit our blog, very nice of you.Our mummy is so silly, she can't work out how to do all the cool stuffs on our blog, she so silly.Lucky you getting presents in the post, we not had any in ages!! 😦 Love S&S xx

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