Mum.mum.mummmy.. oh, I give up.

*sigh* What’s a puppy gotta do to get some attention round here.

Josh and Jessie has challenged us to post embarrassing piccures of ourselves sleeping.
I used to love sleeping next to my old Daddy but when I rolled over I would get stuck down the the gaps in the sofa. BOL!

Hope evfurrybody is having a good sunnyday. Ooh. Essex and Deacon nominated me for piccure of the month (thanks so much!) over at DWB bone zone, so if you stop by please vote for me. Also for Reilly who is in the awesome blog category.

~lickies, Ludo


28 thoughts on “Mum.mum.mummmy.. oh, I give up.

  1. Hi Ludo!What is all the fuss about today! It looks like you are just a little frustrated. Have a happy Sunday, Ludo, and thanks for liking my new header!Kisses,Stella

  2. Hi LudoWe watched your video and it looked like you wanted someone to play. It is a lot like that here – Bailey always wants to play and I cant be bothered somethimes. You looked very cute though especially in your sleeping pictures,loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Hi, Ludo!I know how you feel. I always want to play and my mom always wants to take pictures or videos!I like your sleepy pictures!I hope you are having a great sunday!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  4. Poor Ludo…no one wants to play with you today 😦 You sure do a lot of talking when you’re frustrated!What silly sleeping photos – love the one where you are all legs!

  5. Hi Ludo! When I was watching your video I kept tilting my head and my ears were all perked up! I wanted to play with you soooo bad but Mommy said I had to just watch! Maybe I can come play with you next time!Licks,KyliePS- Sleeping pictures are the best, When do we get to take sleeping pictures of our humans?! BOL

  6. Ludo, woo have the cutest face – our Mom just wants to give woo a big snooter kiss. Too bad woo were having such a hard time getting Mom to play today. Maybe she needs to get woo a playmate.Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Ludo, Katie was being all whiny this evening, until I played her your tape. She sat and watched you with her head tilted, ears perked forward. She LIKES you! And she stopped bugging me, so you are priceless! I’ve used the tape three different times tonight to calm her down. She does the same thing as you when she wants attention. And she brings her toys to me too. I guess I just have to pay more attention to her! Thanks for sharing! Katie says HI! I think she’s in love with you, though you’re a bit young for her.

  8. Hello Ludo!! We're giggling to see your photos! Well done! 🙂 Oh We love your puppy picture. You're adorable pup!We feel SO sad to read about Jess's story. This is terrible. Our humans just signed up on Facebook and they are about to join the group. We'll try our best to spread this story out.Momo & Pinot

  9. I was talking right back to you! I guess you couldn’t hear me though… I say the exact same stuff sometimes. I think my mind just gets to racing and I can’t get all my thoughts out, so I just keep talking and talking…’till mom thinks of something for me to do.Your pal Morgan

  10. Oh Ludo, you're sooo adorable. You remind me of Chloe & a bit of Faith too. Hehe! You look very cute sleeping like a puppy!Butt wiggles,Solid Gold Dancer

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