Letter game and tricky T-day

Reilly has gived us a game to play:

“You pick one (just one) buddy from your list and you give them a letter. They must then list and describe 5 things beginning with that letter.”

The letter we has beed gived is L. For Ludo. Mum say that doesn’t count though. I will list them in order of likings:

1. Liver; I just love liver, but I not allowed it in big amounts cos of something called vitamin A toxicity. If I ever sees that vitamin A I will ask it why it has to be in liver so much! In fact, Mum made some yummy liver clicker treats to use for tricky T-day.

2. Lickings; I do lots of lickings. I like giving kisses to mum to make her wake up. Even if it do make her say bleurgh! I has found if I sit on her she cannot get away. BOL! I also likes to lick crummies off peoples clothes and lick anything that might possibly at sometime had food on it. Just to make sure there be none left.

3. Looking; I likes to look at Mum lots. Especially when I is trying to get her to play with me. I is practicing ‘the look’ to make her do what I want.

4. Lying down; I tries to not do much lying down apart from when I is sleeping but sometimes when we is training I only likes to lie down and ever since Mum taughted me crawl I crawl and chase her slippers on her feet when I has had enough trainings and wants play instead.

5. Limping; This is what Auntie Penny has beed doing for ages and it no fun. She been getting a lot better lately though and has started springing about again. But that make me mad at her! So maybe it be best if she keep on limping?

What a fun game!

I will pass it on to my new friend Kylie. Since she has just beed to the pool (with no p in it) BOL! I think P will be a good letter for her.

It also my training t-day, as it a tuesday. Remember I was working on cross paws and shy? Well Mum finally made a video, she be so lazy, she should have done it thursday. She been watching the ‘where’s the remote’ too much. Mum has decided we will not do two paw based tricks again cos she think I is getting confused. I not really, I too clever for that. I just like to do shy better than cross paw. Here I be.

This week we is working on two tricks I already know which be ‘bang’ and ‘beg’. Mum be trying to get me to do a slightly different beg where I put my front paws up higher and she say ‘hands up’ instead. Then she want to say bang and pretend I is beed shot like in a robbery. I not think that a very nice thing. But she say it can be my party trick and I can pretend I be wearing a bullet proof vest if I likes. Here be the start of my ‘this is a stick up’ trick.

She also extra lazy cos she trying to teach me to catch treats instead of bending to give them to me. She only be in her 20’s which not old for people’s is it? So she should not be having problems bending down yet. It be her barkday on saturday. I thinks I will get her a zimmer frame. BOL!

We is also doing some non trick training stuff for obedience. We is gonna be doing stuff mum calls ‘back end awareness’ and ‘positioning’. I not really like my new school at all. There be too many dogs in a little place and I not like it when dogs be really crazy all around me, it make me shy for real. I likes when it our turn to do stuffs though, but I does already know everything we has done so far, so Mum say it hard for us because when they is showing the other dogs what to do we can’t really copy as Mum thinks that will confuse me, so we just go to the end part.

~lickies, Ludo


22 thoughts on “Letter game and tricky T-day

  1. Thanks for tagging me in a game Ludo! I will have to think about this and maybe post later tonight or tomorrow morning when Mom is at work and leaves me the computer. Great job with the tricks. I know BANG! Your Mum is right, people will love it when you show it off! If you watch the video’s of me out in the snow from a couple days ago it shows me do bang at the end!Licks,Kylie

  2. Hi Ludo!You are so smart and good at tricks! I am not doing a new trick this week cuz we are still working on a couple!:) Tibby

  3. Ludo what great tricks you are learning. I love the "bang" trick. You are super cute!Oreo gets a bit confused with the "shy" & cross paws trick too. He does shy then crosses his paws right after. I think I shouldn't have been working on them at the same time either.

  4. Oh wow ludo…….you are getting to be so so clever…… and you look so cute in your video’s. Thank you for playing the game…..I love liver too but the mom won’t give me any at all she she’s she can’t stand the puppy farts it cause !!!!!!

  5. We are IMPRESSED!!!! Ludo, woo do so furry well with your tricks. But that clicker thingie would drive Phantom nutso – he doesn’t like noises.what does your Mom use for treats? Woo sure seem to like them.Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Wow Ludo, you is so clever!! We can’t do any of the fancy stuffs you can! We has told mummy she has to teach us something new this week, but she says we don’t learn as quick as you cos you super clever!Scott and Gang xx

  7. Good “L” words – and yes, Ludo should count for “L”! Very good trick videos – you’re so smart and learn so fast!Don’t worry so much about all those other dogs in class – you’ll get used to them being around. That was hard for me too!

  8. Watching you train is really helpful. Momma says we will be working on my mastiff moves again as soon as the weather is better cause its hard to work inside with my stupid little brother all jumping around and not paying attention.Slobbers,Mango

  9. Hi LudoYou are really good at those tricks. Mom has to start practicing with me again. I haven’t learned a new trick in a long time.Love Ruby

  10. Hi LudoWe are very impressed with your tricks and training.Of course being bassets we don't do tricks. Some people think we are not so clever.You are certainly a very smart dog and are looking more and more sophisticated too!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  11. Wow, you are so smart! My brother does not learn very good. My mom is a cat person mostly and is new to woofie stuff, and wants to know what that clicker is that your mom is using to train you. Is it a special woofie trainer?–JB

  12. Wow Ludo!! Very impressive tricks! Our mom is so impressed and she wants us to do the same…. mmmmmm…. Thanks for letting us konw that that eveil man was arrested last night. We were happy about the news but.. was this evil released?? :(Momo & Pinot

  13. You are brilliant Ludo! Your tricks are terrific and your mum is doing such a good job with the clicker. I like liver too.Your friend, Niamh

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