True colours thursday

I is playing True colours thursday, hosted by Poopsie Blue.
Todays colour is pink. There be lots of pink in this house. For some reason Mum seem to gather pink round her. It not a colour she like loads but she say lots of things just comes in pink. So I had to limit my choosings.

There are some Mum pink stuffs. Not my stuffs. Though I wish all them teddies was! They is in a pink net so’s I can’t get them, like I did once. Then there is mum’s favourite shoes which I is not allowed to touch. Then there is those other things. Mum collect pig money boxes. These don’t look like the pigs I met once, but I guess I has to believe her. These be some of the ones with pink on them. It look like the room be pink as well but it something called lilac. It was like that when we moved in with grandpawents and we is not allowed to change it. I think I would have it black and white and grey and yellow so’s I blend in better.

Then the better stuffs. Penny’s pink collar and Penny’s pink ball. But I has stole it. BOL!

I also found some pink on this thing what I killed. It was grandma’s and she is not happy that I killed it. I thought it might be looking better without it nose. Sadly, it not look better at all, do it?

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: the magnets should be arriving tomorrow. Huruff!


19 thoughts on “True colours thursday

  1. Hi LudoWhat a clever dog finding lots of pink things. Perhaps you will get into the pink net one day! Then you Mum will be about as pleased as your Gran was. We thought it looked quite cool without a nose.

  2. Hi Ludo!You found some good pink stuffs! I hope your grandma forgives you for killing that thing. I’m sure she can’t stay mad at your cute face for long!:) Tibby

  3. You found lots of pick think Ludo! Good job! Well… the nose… I suppose you might want to think that one through again before you chew off the noses of stuffies!!Licks,Kylie

  4. Ludo, there is not much pink in our house, but guys for some reason have very little if any pink. What ever that noseless thing was it sure looked scarry. We think you saved everyone.Essex & Deacon

  5. Hello and Lickies Ludo!We loves your true colours thursday! Mummy loves da pink so she is loving your blog! Naughty boy chewing your grandma’s stuffy, me thinks it looks better with its nose! BOL!Lickies, Scotty xx

  6. Oreo and Misty have that same pink ball that you stole from Penny. Actually, only Oreo plays with it!Good job on killing grandma’s thing! What was that thing anyway?

  7. Hallo Ludo, fank you for sniffing by my bloggy. How nice to find so much pink on your blog, I love pink things, especially Mummys pink things, but she does not like to let me have her things. I think Mummys like pink you know???Velvety KissiesSophie

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